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Written by Ron Hutton

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STEP 1: Find articles that tie in closely withrepparttar theme of your website or any particular page on your site. For testing purposes you can use this newsletter to play around with.

STEP 2: Go Here:


STEP 3: About mid-page onrepparttar 143340 right-hand side youíll see a short paragraph withrepparttar 143341 title "Free Text to HTML Converter". Click onrepparttar 143342 title. This is a CGI script that I installed at Internet Marketing Power Tools for your use.

STEP 4: Copyrepparttar 143343 text that you want to convert to HTML code, and paste it inrepparttar 143344 open text box that you see when this page opens.

STEP 5: Scroll downrepparttar 143345 page and chooserepparttar 143346 options that will give yourepparttar 143347 output that best suits your needs.

STEP 6: Clickrepparttar 143348 "Convert to HTML" button atrepparttar 143349 bottom ofrepparttar 143350 page.

STEP 7: Clickrepparttar 143351 "Select All" button to copy and pasterepparttar 143352 now-HTML-formatted text into your webpage.

Thatís all there is to it.

By including meaningful content on your website, you should receive more favorable rankings inrepparttar 143353 major search engines. This is only one aspect of what search engines are looking for, but itís an important component and will put you onrepparttar 143354 right track to getting ranked higher and increasing traffic to your site.

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Written by Annette Thomas

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Take a quick look around at what each company offers to determine possible suitability. If their web site doesn't function correctly, it's wise to look elsewhere. Ensure you review their company profile to get a "vibe" about their practices and ethics. Ifrepparttar company profile only details how good they think they are, run like hell. The rest of your initial enquiries can be handled via email. Letrepparttar 143228 hosting services know that you are approaching a number of companies. You can make this clear by putting allrepparttar 143229 company email addresses inrepparttar 143230 CC field. This strategy will quickly identifyrepparttar 143231 companies who genuinely want your business and also allow you to easily run through an initial cull, saving you valuable hours in research. Not all web hosts are created equal The criteria forrepparttar 143232 first cull is simple - if they don't respond to your enquiry within 24 hours, delete them from your "possibles" list. This also applies if they only send you links to promo material without any personalized message. To really test them out, send your email late on a Saturday night - whereverrepparttar 143233 hosting company is inrepparttar 143234 world, it will berepparttar 143235 weekend. The idea behindrepparttar 143236 24 hour strategy is this - if a company can't respond to pre-sales questions quickly, it may be an indication of what their customer support is like. Also, many web site hosts don't seerepparttar 143237 "big picture". You may be starting out small, but who knows how big you'll become and how many other people you will refer to their service? A forward thinking company recognizes this and communicates appropriately. Don't make it too hard onrepparttar 143238 hosting companies in your email to start off with, you can ask more detailed questions as you reducerepparttar 143239 list of possibilities. . Hosting Service Recommendation: ThinkHost uses a excellent email support service that makes telephone support look positively antiquated. Test it out for yourself and ask them some pre-sales questions! Visit ThinkHost today!

Annette Thomas is business marketing and management professional.

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