Search Engines : Not reciprocal links but ABC links are working great !!!

Written by Gino Harteel

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First step : ------------

You link from your index- or default page to with a text link, for example :

- [ euro millions -repparttar biggest lump sum tax free lottery inrepparttar 128083 world ], or - [ euro lotto -repparttar 128084 biggest lump sum tax free lottery inrepparttar 128085 world ], or any ofrepparttar 128086 other major key words for my site listed above.

The key words are linked to and open in a new window.

Second step : -------------

Onrepparttar 128087 bottom of my site you'll find a link to my contact page, use this page to contact me and tell me :

1. The url of your site pointing to (the link should be on your index page and certainly not on a link page with 100 other links).

2. Give me one sentence with your keywords included.

Third step : ------------

The link from your site to my site (site A) is established, on I have a dozen links going to my other site (site B)

On I include your one sentence with your keywords included and with a link to your site (site C).


That's it ! The sites A, B and C are being picked up byrepparttar 128088 search engines on their monthly rerun and all three sites move up inrepparttar 128089 major (and other) search engines.

As a bonus for both of us, we'll receive more visitors, not only fromrepparttar 128090 search engines but also fromrepparttar 128091 direct links to our sites.

This is a win-win situation for both of us, so start withrepparttar 128092 first step right now.

Gino Harteel has been studying search engines optimization as a hobby and has achieved some very good search engine positions in the past for and

Reciprocal Links - Are They Still Effective?

Written by John Calder

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Although reciprocal links may not be as useful for search engine optimization anymore, they can still bring you traffic. After all, your link is on other sites that also receive traffic, and it's only reasonable that you'll get some percentage of that. There's no cost, other than possibly some software to automaterepparttar linking process, so it probably doesn't hurt anything as long as you don't overdo it.

Also, rather than trading links with anyone and everyone who will do so, consider limiting your reciprocal linking only to sites that are on-topic, or related, to yours. For example, if you run a bicycle site, it's reasonable enough to trade links with other bicycle sites, travel sites featuring cycling vacations, skateboarding and inline-skating sites, and so on. It probably wouldn't make sense to link to a jewelry site though.

The best advice is to keep your reciprocal links on-topic, exercise some restraint, and make sure they provide value to most of your visitors.

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