Search Engines- the World’s Yellow Pages

Written by Jan Hordijk

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Due torepparttar amount of submissions that Search Engines receive, it takes from 2 days to 3 months for your site to show up, depending onrepparttar 128375 Engine. Paid Listings are an option for site owners who want to build visibility quickly. This form of search engine advertising means that you can be guaranteed to appear inrepparttar 128376 top results forrepparttar 128377 terms you are interested in, usually within days.

So you better start submitting today, it will be worth it; by hand or done by a professional service for a small fee; make sure YOUR web site is inrepparttar 128378 World’s Yellow Pages!

Jan Hordijk, Marketing Consultant AWSS Website Promotion and Submission

Essential Guide To Pay-Per-Click Advertising

Written by Michael Low

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How Much Do I Bid?

The bigger PPC engines such as Goto and Sprinks require a minimum bid of $0.05. Startup engines have lesser minimums of $0.01.

How much to bid depends on your return-on-investment (ROI) calculations.

For example: If you bid $1.00 per visitor, and 1 in every 10 visitors buys your product, your cost-per-sale is $10.00.

So if each sale of your product produces a gross profit of $15, then your net profit will be $5.00 ($15 gross profit minus $10 cost-per-sale).

Your return-on-investment (ROI), before non-marketing expenses, is 50.0% ($5.00 net profit / $10 cost-per-sale). Always price your bids to achieve a positive ROI!

A great tool that you can use to compare bids for a specific keyword across multiple PPC engines is at

To read about how you can maximize your returns from PPC engines, go to

You'll learn how to reduce your bids while still maintainingrepparttar same ranking or get a top 3 position for maybe just 1 cent more!

How Do I Track Clicks?

Most ofrepparttar 128374 time, you'll notice thatrepparttar 128375 number of clicks tracked by yourself is between 15% to 30% more thanrepparttar 128376 clicksrepparttar 128377 PPC engine reports.

This is because reputable PPC engines such as Overture have installed anti-cheating mechanisms that prevent your competitors from repeatedly clicking on your listings and wasting your bid fees!

They will count multiple clicks within a specified timeframe fromrepparttar 128378 same computer as only one clickthrough while your own log will usually registerrepparttar 128379 multiple clicks.

There was once when I noticed that my log was registering less clicks than Overture's reports. They were experiencing some bug which prevented clicks from being properly delivered torepparttar 128380 advertiser's website.

Because I was tracking my clicks, I notified them ofrepparttar 128381 problem and they credited my account forrepparttar 128382 bad clicks. Tracking your clicks give you a more reliable picture of how well your PPC campaign is performing.

If you have access to your CGI directory, I recommend LnkinLite, a small yet powerful tracking software that can track clicks to your site inrepparttar 128383 background. Get it at

Otherwise you can consider free online trackers at or

Michael Low is a widely-published marketing consultant. He provides top-notch press release (PR) services at affordable rates. Check out his full-range of PR services at

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