Search Engines: The Life Blood of Internet-Based Home Businesses

Written by Kirk Bannerman

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As they vie for position, Google, Yahoo, and Microsoft plan to continue upgrading their services - healthy competition that can only serve to improverepparttar search experiences of Internet users in repparttar 117011 future.

According to comScore Networks, an estimated 3.5 billion online searches are performed inrepparttar 117012 United States each month, making searchingrepparttar 117013 second most popular online activity, ranking behind only e-mail.

In 2003, businesses spent an estimated $2 billion on advertising related to searches and some knowledgeable sources expectrepparttar 117014 search-related advertising market to triple duringrepparttar 117015 next three years.

There are various search engine formats including natural search, pay for inclusion (PFI), pay per click (PPC), and hybrid approaches which combine both PFI and PPC characteristics. Because ofrepparttar 117016 immense and growing popularity of search engines, their effective utilization isrepparttar 117017 life blood of Internet-based home businesses.

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Don't Bite the Hands That Used to Feed You

Written by Denise Hall

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(Byrepparttar way, if you're so rich, why didn't you send my last commission check? I'm still your affiliate even if you don't acknowledge me as your friend anymore.)

We looked up to you and we appreciated everything you did for us. Most of all, we were your friends. Suddenly we're not good enough for you?

You should never forget where you started and how you got where you are now. The hands of your former friends and other "little guys" put food on your table and clothes on your back.

Torepparttar 117010 people who remain "real" and true to their friends, I say "Thank you fromrepparttar 117011 bottom of my heart." Without all of you, most of us wouldn't get anywhere.

I haven't yet struck it rich, online or offline, and maybe I never will. But even if I do, I'll never forget my humble beginnings andrepparttar 117012 friends I've made alongrepparttar 117013 way. They're much more valuable to me than money.

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