Search Engine Symbiosis

Written by Brian Basson

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Inrepparttar end it comes down to a Symbiotic Relationship. If a website has good relevant content and stick byrepparttar 139995 "rules",repparttar 139996 search engines will notice this and reward that site with what it deserves, namely high rankings. The site provides searchers with relevant information, thereby makingrepparttar 139997 Search Engine relevant - a perfect symbiosis. Search Engines have not concocted a wicket scheme to make life complicated for webmasters, but rather a solution against webmasters constantly trying to defraudrepparttar 139998 public and search engines. The ability of search engines to pick up on these fraudulent attempts, thereby making results as relevant as possible, is what distinguishesrepparttar 139999 top search search engines fromrepparttar 140000 rest. To summarize : The better content a site has, combined with a minimal amount of SE optimization,repparttar 140001 betterrepparttar 140002 symbiotic relationship that site will have with allrepparttar 140003 important search engines.

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Written by Christine Stander

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Should your website lie within a very competitive area ofrepparttar market, you may find that contracting a professional SEO who will attend to your site requirements full time, would be a wise decision. Sponsored Listings

With sponsored listings, Google makes use of its own Pay-For-Performance program called Adwords. MSN and Yahoo! both make use of Overture (which is owned by Yahoo!) for their Paid listings. In both programs you only pay when people click on your ad, which makes this type of advertising extremely cost effective.

Account holders are not able to optimize their adverts such as SEOs would optimize their websites to achieve higher ranking. The order of results is displayed according torepparttar 139893 highest bid for that particular keyword.

According to a few users views onrepparttar 139894 two different experiences, with Yahoo! advertisers often pay less per click than with Google. However Google delivers more traffic and often times converts better than Yahoo!’s delivered clicks.

Natural or Paid Search – which is right for your website

There is no wrong or right way to market your website. As was once said “Any publicity is good publicity.” And it remains to ring true inrepparttar 139895 land of search marketing where it is “be seen or facerepparttar 139896 chance of disappearing below your competitors”.

Each website’s marketing strategy is unique. It all depends on what your desired results and expected deliverable time frames are atrepparttar 139897 end ofrepparttar 139898 day.

Results achieved from optimising your website for natural listings take longer to come into effect, but deliver a long term solution to your traffic.

Results achieved for sponsored listings are of immediate effect; however deliver a short term solution to your traffic and could be rather costly depending onrepparttar 139899 competitiveness of your market.

"PPC is one ofrepparttar 139900 fastest ways to drive large, predictable amounts of extremely targeted visitors to your Web site," says Jean Lam in WebProNews. "There is a huge difference between getting normal top five rankings inrepparttar 139901 major search engines and getting a top five ranking inrepparttar 139902 pay-per-click listings."

A combination ofrepparttar 139903 two strategies is recommended to achieve optimum results. Build a good content relevant site, ie optimized for both search engines and visitors, and launch a PPC campaign alongside. In this way whilerepparttar 139904 search engines jugglerepparttar 139905 relevance in their indicesrepparttar 139906 PPC campaign will deliver traffic to your site fast and get your brand noticed.

Brand awareness sparks interest which sparks traffic which leads to conversions and ultimately ROI.

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