Search Engine Submission Techniques on Google

Written by Ivana Giardi

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Sincerepparttar launch of Google AdWords in February 2002, Google has clearly becomerepparttar 127837 main provider of paid search advertising. Because Google is special in everything it does, let’s take a look at Google AdWords more closely.

2.1 How Google AdWords work

As mentioned earlier, Google’s sponsored listings appear onrepparttar 127838 top and onrepparttar 127839 right-hand side of regular search results.

The basic concept of PPC bidding is that advertisers bid for particular search terms (= keywords). The highest bidder gets his/her advertisement displayed atrepparttar 127840 top ofrepparttar 127841 sponsored listings next to Google’s search results. The second highest bidder getsrepparttar 127842 next sponsored listing and so on.

However, Google Adwords work differently than most ofrepparttar 127843 other Pay-Per-Click search engines such as Overture, FindWhat etc. Google does not simply putrepparttar 127844 highest bidder’s advertisement atrepparttar 127845 top ofrepparttar 127846 list. It also ranksrepparttar 127847 advertisements according to their popularity. Therefore, if more people click on an advertisement it will get higher ranking and better position.

In conclusion, your ad's position is determined by following factors:

your daily budget maximum cost-per-click your ad's actual click through rate and your average ad’s position. Fromrepparttar 127848 above, you can not directly control your ad's actual click through rate and average position. Therefore managing your keywords on Google AdWords is a big challenge and usually consumes a great deal of time.

If you do not manage your keyword bids properly, you will waste your advertising money on Google Adwords. A good way to get around this is to use automated bid management software available onrepparttar 127849 market today. In general, those tools allow you to control your ads listing based on rules you specify.

When you shop around you will notice that there are very few tools that support Google AdWords. From those they do, there is one available for free trial at

2.2 Pay-per-click copywriting tips on Google

The purpose of your advertising on Google is naturally to increase your sales. Since you are paying for each visitor landing on your website you obviously wish to convert them in paying customers. Please keep in mind that more important than number of impressions (=clicks) isrepparttar 127850 conversion rate. To drive your conversion rate torepparttar 127851 maximum it is advised to pre-qualifyrepparttar 127852 click with a well composed ad copy. Below are some tips to help you improve your ads:

» Specific and Relevant Keywords

Be specific and relevant to your business and offers. Avoid general keywords – they generate more ad impressions but tend to be less relevant. For example, rather than “flower” consider “birthday roses bouquet”. More targeted keywords attract more qualified buyers.

Also, your can increase your ad exposure – without sacrificing relevance – by adding alternate phrasings, spelling variations, plurals and singulars, and keywords similar or related to those on your master keyword list.

» Target geographical segments

Consider using geographic keywords to target a local or regional audience. If you sell roses in Tokio, replace “roses” with “roses Tokio”. This way you will avoid any irrelevant pitches to search users in New York and Sydney. You can also target your campaign by country and by language to help focus your message onrepparttar 127853 audience you wish to serve.

» Target ad delivery with keyword matching options

Google offers different keyword matching options to refine your targeting:

Broad match - displays your ad when allrepparttar 127854 words in your keyword appear inrepparttar 127855 search query. For example forrepparttar 127856 keywords “birthday cards” your ad will be shown if users search for keywords “birthday” and “cards” in any order, and even ifrepparttar 127857 query includes other terms.

Phrase match - displays your ad when allrepparttar 127858 words in your keyword appear inrepparttar 127859 same order, for example “birthday cards”. Your ad will also be shown with other terms inrepparttar 127860 query like “birthday cards for girls” but will not be shown if users search for “cards for birthday”.

Exact match - displays your ad when allrepparttar 127861 words in your keyword appear inrepparttar 127862 same order, and without any other terms inrepparttar 127863 query.

Negative keywords – excludes searches for which your ad would be irrelevant. For example, if your keyword is “birthday cards” and your negative keyword is “-girls”, your ad will not be shown if users search for “birthday cards for girls”.

» Choose carefully landing pages

If users are interested in your offer they click on your ad. It is your job to send them to a relevant destination page to find out more about your product or service. When tailoring your ads to a specific audience, be sure thatrepparttar 127864 destination page on your site fitsrepparttar 127865 goal ofrepparttar 127866 campaign.

3. Optimization Versus Paid Advertising

Paid search advertising offers companies an excellent solution to drive traffic to their websites almost immediately. Fromrepparttar 127867 short term approach, pay per click presents a smart way to cover a gap between campaign launch and achieving desired rankings results. The long term approach suggests pay per click as an alternative in situations when a website shows a poor performance inrepparttar 127868 search results in general. However, once you stop paying forrepparttar 127869 positions,repparttar 127870 traffic stops.

Search engine optimization is a fundamental part of internet marketing mix. It requires constant updating and continuous attention ofrepparttar 127871 website content for solid, long-term effective results.

Therefore, if you use paid search advertising and search engine optimisation together as an integrated strategy, you have an excellent chance to reachrepparttar 127872 greatest number of online users.

Ivana Giardi is Marketing Director at Apex Pacific, developer of smart internet marketing solutions to help companies increase sales and profitability online. If you would like to learn more about Paid Search Advertising, visit Apex Pacific at or email Ivana at

8 Easy Ways to Optimize Your Website

Written by Scott J. Patterson

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To fully optimize your website, you can tweakrepparttar source code ofrepparttar 127836 page. The first step is to insertrepparttar 127837 keyword inrepparttar 127838 title tag. (This is what is shown inrepparttar 127839 results of a search engine when your site is listed)

5) Insert your keywords inrepparttar 127840 description tag: The description Meta tag is almost as valuable asrepparttar 127841 title tag. The information in this tag is listed directly belowrepparttar 127842 title tag in search engine results. As a result, a good description can make your website stand out from other listings. To getrepparttar 127843 prospect to click on your site, it is important to write a snappy description while using your keyword.

6) Insert them into your keywords tag: Likerepparttar 127844 title and description tags, keyword tags are used to help search engines understandrepparttar 127845 content of your web page. Although this Meta tag has become less popular, it doesn’t hurt to put your keywords here.

7) Place your keyword inrepparttar 127846 header: When writingrepparttar 127847 actual text of your site,repparttar 127848 first part should berepparttar 127849 headline. Whenever a search engine scans your site, it rates all words inrepparttar 127850 headline as being more important thenrepparttar 127851 rest ofrepparttar 127852 web copy. To take advantage of this, you should have your keyword inrepparttar 127853 page headline. But, sincerepparttar 127854 header tag (h1) is quite large, you should format it so that it is smaller.

8) Write your keyword enriched web copy: Now that you have set uprepparttar 127855 structure of your page, you can write your web copy. While creatingrepparttar 127856 text, you want to includerepparttar 127857 majority ofrepparttar 127858 keywords atrepparttar 127859 top andrepparttar 127860 bottom ofrepparttar 127861 page. In addition,repparttar 127862 keyword should be included a few times inrepparttar 127863 middle. Basically,repparttar 127864 common saying is thatrepparttar 127865 keyword density should resemble an hour glass shape.

The total web copy of your page should be about 300-500 words. Also,repparttar 127866 keyword should be included about 5-12% ofrepparttar 127867 total words ofrepparttar 127868 page. The percentage varies according to each search engine, so you might want to play around till you findrepparttar 127869 best results.

If you follow all these steps, you will definitely see an improvement inrepparttar 127870 search engine rankings for your keywords. The best part is that you do not have to spend any money onrepparttar 127871 expensive search engine optimizers!

Good luck!

Scott J. Patterson brought his website to the top of many search engines for important keywords. To find out how he did this AND also how he created his online store with NO computer experience, be sure to check out a Fr** copy of his ebook:

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