Search Engine Submission Guide

Written by Dan Grossman

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Submission Guidelines and Tips: When a search finds nothing inrepparttar directory, Google results are used (hencerepparttar 128426 Google submission URL above). Be sure your business site includes a physical address somewhere if you want to be listed inrepparttar 128427 directory at all.

Indexing Time: With free submission, often several weeks to months.

HotBot ---------

Submission URL(s): (Free)

Submission Guidelines and Tips: Search results are provided by Inktomi. Getting inrepparttar 128428 Inktomi database means your page will show up in searches on other search engines using this database also. Submit every week or two.

Indexing Time: Usually within a few days.

DMOZ (directory) ---------

Submission URL(s): (How To Add A Site)

Submission Guidelines and Tips: Be careful of your submission here as an ACTUAL PERSON will be reviewing it. A great site with great content isrepparttar 128429 key.

Indexing Time: Usually within a few days.

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2 Brand New Search Engine Tactics

Written by Dr. Roger Wilcox

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OK, with that caveat, here'srepparttar trick.

Some search engines will give words found inrepparttar 128425 "H1" tag a boost in relevancy. The H1 tag is used to specify your page's "heading". The problem is, this heading is just plain ugly. It's a huge point Times New Roman heading that doesn't look good in anyone's web design book.

Here'srepparttar 128426 good news: you can getrepparttar 128427 best of both worlds using Cascading Style Sheets (CSS). With CSS, you can specify thatrepparttar 128428 browser will render text inrepparttar 128429 H1 tag any way you please. This is great; because, you can get both a boost in relevancy and get better control of your page's appearance in one step.

Here'srepparttar 128430 code...

In your head tag, putrepparttar 128431 following line:

(Note that you can change any ofrepparttar 128432 above variables - font size, type, and color - as you see fit.)

Then, inrepparttar 128433 body of your document, where you want you document "heading" or "headline", userepparttar 128434 following code:

Text for Your Headline Here

The headline will now appear as you specified inrepparttar 128435 style code. This is a great trick - and it's brand new.

Apply these new tactics today for some easy traffic courtesy of your favorite search engines.

Dr. Roger Wilcox is a well-known author and Internet Marketing expert. Right now, he works as a professional affiliate to prove that anyone can make a generous living on the Internet.

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