Search Engine Specialists? Maybe, Maybe Not!

Written by Chris Small

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What did I find?

Zero links back to her own marketing site. Wait minute, there must be some mistake here. Maybe this isn't a page that she shares links with - even though that was one of her strongest points. Tried another page onrepparttar site. This one was a little better, 103 links. And another, and another... All with similar or worse results.

Gosh, most sites easily get twice that many links without even trying. Well, I thought, maybe this isn't fair to her. The real test is where her page ranks inrepparttar 128212 Search Engines. So I looked atrepparttar 128213 meta tags that had been placed inrepparttar 128214 source code ofrepparttar 128215 main page. Lots of good key words there. I took some of them and went torepparttar 128216 Search Engines.

Guess what?

None ofrepparttar 128217 key words inrepparttar 128218 Meta tags brought this site up inrepparttar 128219 top 30 listings.

As was so clearly stated inrepparttar 128220 article that this great webmaster had written, "if your web page is not inrepparttar 128221 top 10 to 20 listings you might as well not be listed at all".

Why on earth would we want to spend 75 bucks on a report that is written by someone who either doesn't practice what they preach, or is out and out lying to us?

Now don't misunderstand me. There are certainly some very knowledgeable people who understandrepparttar 128222 search engines very well. Just make sure that you put them torepparttar 128223 test BEFORE you send them your money.

Chris Small is a cyber entrepreneur and host of the very successful You may contact him at

Search Engine Positioning Secrets

Written by Case Stevens

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Design a Page! Make a template page. For an example visit emplate.html. Viewrepparttar source, copy and paste it in an HTML-editor. Make necessary changes.

Now take one (1) main keyword and write your text around it. Mix another keyword into it. Keeprepparttar 128211 number of words between 400 and 800. (Use Text Statistics in Tools Menu of Note Tab Light, available at

Put your text inrepparttar 128212 template. Userepparttar 128213 keyword as your page name.

Now visit For this particular subject visit Search Engine Ranking Tools (but definitely read everything else on his outstanding site). Read all information carefully. Apply exactly as written by Bruce Clay.

Finish it. Now visit Download Keyword Extractor. Countrepparttar 128214 words in your page. Sort them by weight. Keywords should rank high and must be present in title, description, keywords, comment, alt's and links (main one atrepparttar 128215 start and NOT next or close to eachother). Review Bruce Clay information. Keywords should also appear in body text. A thumb of rule: ifrepparttar 128216 body text contains 400 words, keywords should appear twice, at 600 three times and at 800 four times inrepparttar 128217 body. Rewrite if necessary and finish with 1 keyword occurrence inrepparttar 128218 closing paragraph.

Submission Time! Now your page has a fair chance of relative high ranking. Review Bruce Clay. Follow his submission instructions.

Success to you.

Case Stevens, moderator of where Beginners make a Free Test Ride and Advanced find Successful Web Solutions. Subscribe to their FREE newsletter.

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