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Written by Syd Johnson

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links, after a while, your site will start to suffer if you postrepparttar same article on your website.

The search engines will see it as duplicate content and onlyrepparttar 128074 highest ranking pages will get credit forrepparttar 128075 articles. If

your site is notrepparttar 128076 highest ranking, your article can help another website get more traffic than you do. So, make a few

changes, or better yet, create two separate articles onrepparttar 128077 same topic.

Place one on your site, and submitrepparttar 128078 other one torepparttar 128079 search engines. You getrepparttar 128080 incoming links and other websites will

have to deal withrepparttar 128081 consequences of an article that is distributed over 600 times online.

4. Followrepparttar 128082 links The purpose of links is not only to get a high google rank, but also as a way to bring in traffic. Seek out links from sites

with a high page rank and exchange links with some of your competitors.

It helpsrepparttar 128083 search engines to quantify your field of expertise since a site about web hosting wouldnít naturally link to a

cooking site. You outbound links are just as important as your inbound links. Itísrepparttar 128084 friendsí theoryÖ show me where you

link and Iíll tell you what type of website you are.

Ok, so itís my theory, but you getrepparttar 128085 idea.

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5 Simple Steps to Great Search Engine Rankings

Written by Jason A. Martin

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By doing this you will help enforcerepparttar theme ofrepparttar 128073 webpage and achieve better search rankings.

Step Four: Establish incoming links.

Before going any further, I recommend you visit and installrepparttar 128074 Google toolbar. This will allow you to see what is called PR (page rank). Knowing a website’s PR is extremely helpful, and basically mandatory, for this step. It is more important to have links today than ever. To rank high inrepparttar 128075 search engines, you must have people linking to you. Failure to acquire incoming links results in low or non-existing rankings. Here are some techniques to build up incoming links:

  • Submit your website to directories. Once listed, directories, such asrepparttar 128076 ODP ( and, will increase your incoming links. When viewing a directory, check to see if they have PR. The higherrepparttar 128077 numberrepparttar 128078 better.
  • Purchase text links. Many websites today sell text links at varied rates. Purchasing a text link can help you gain traffic and will increase your incoming links. Text links must be purchased or placed only on websites that have eitherrepparttar 128079 same or related theme as yours. If your website is all about coffee—a link from a website about oil changes is not going to help you much—and could actually harm your website rankings inrepparttar 128080 future.
  • Link Research. Find out who is linking to top ranked websites under your keyword phrase (theme) and try to get listed on them. The idea here is to not reinventrepparttar 128081 wheel, rather do what already works. To find out who is linking to top websites, visit Google and typerepparttar 128082 following text inrepparttar 128083 search box: “”—where isrepparttar 128084 website URL.

Step Five: Work to ensure anchor text from incoming links contains your main theme.

When other websites link to you, try to get them to userepparttar 128085 keyword phrase forrepparttar 128086 webpage they are linking to asrepparttar 128087 anchor text. This is not always possible and that is ok. You simply want to try and get as many links on target as possible. Not all links need to go to your homepage because having incoming links to a webpage withinrepparttar 128088 website is beneficial also.


It is possible, I believe, to go certifiably insane trying to deal withrepparttar 128089 allrepparttar 128090 information out there on search engine positioning. Everydayrepparttar 128091 game changes as search engines alterrepparttar 128092 way they rank listings. Can you do more to improve your rankings? Yes, but I have listedrepparttar 128093 more powerful items. Followingrepparttar 128094 above, especiallyrepparttar 128095 link steps, will help you build a solid foundation that will withstandrepparttar 128096 changes—and keep you out of trouble.

Getting listed inrepparttar 128097 search engines and some directories takes time. Changes and new listings can take weeks to a few months to appear. The best way to get your website in a search engine is to letrepparttar 128098 search engine find you. Do not waste your valuable time trying to submit to search engines or paying someone to do so. By gaining incoming links,repparttar 128099 search engines will find your website and rank it accordingly.

For more information on marketing and allrepparttar 128100 aspects of running a business onrepparttar 128101 Internet, please visit Internet Business Entrepreneur—a website I setup to aid those doing business onrepparttar 128102 Net.

Jason A. Martin has been conducting business on the Internet for 11 years. He is a free-lance writer on many topics and is currently working on obtaining a degree in Journalism and Law.

His official blog, which contains more articles you can use for your web site, can be viewed at: Jason A. Martin

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