Search Engine Robots - How They Work, What They Do (Part II)

Written by Daria Goetsch

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A sitemap page is a very good way of givingrepparttar search engine robot every opportunity to reach your website pages. Since robots click throughrepparttar 128008 links of your web pages, make sure that at least your most important pages are included inrepparttar 128009 sitemap; you may even want to include all your pages there, depending on repparttar 128010 size of your site. Be sure to add a link torepparttar 128011 sitemap page from each page on your site.

Another important consideration is that of keeping all of your pages within a small number of "clicks" from your top page. Many robots will not follow links more than two or three levels deep, so if your "widgets" page can only be reached from your home page by following multiple links (e.g. home page >> about us page >> products page >> widgets page),repparttar 128012 robot may not crawl deep enough to get torepparttar 128013 widgets page.

Testing Your Website For Search Engine Robot Accessibility To get an idea just whatrepparttar 128014 search engine robot "sees" on your page, you can look atrepparttar 128015 Sim Spider tool. You may be surprised at how different your site looks torepparttar 128016 robot. You can find this tool at

You will see text and ALT image text show up inrepparttar 128017 results. If your entire website is built in Flash, you will see nothing at all because robots don't understand Flash movies.

The Bottom Line When it comes to search engine robots, think simply. Lots of good content and text, hyperlinksrepparttar 128018 robots can follow, optimization of your pages, topical links pointing back to your site and a sitemap will help insurerepparttar 128019 best results whenrepparttar 128020 robots come visiting.


SpiderSpotting - Search Engine Watch List of robots and protocols for setting up a robots.txt file.

Spider-Food Tutorials, forums and articles about Search Engine spiders and Search Engine Marketing. Articles and resources about tracking Search Engine spiders.

Sim Spider Search Engine Robot Simulator Search Engine World has a spider that simulates whatrepparttar 128021 Search Engine robots read from your website.

Daria Goetsch is the founder and Search Engine Marketing Consultant for Search Innovation Marketing (, a Search Engine Promotion company serving small businesses. She has specialized in search engine optimization since 1998, including three years as the Search Engine Specialist for O'Reilly & Associates, a technical book publishing company.

Newsletter as Search Engine Superhero?

Written by Jessica Albon

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Because you'll be updating your newsletter regularly, search engines will give you points for regularly updated content. Plus, your site will be continuously expanding, giving spiders new information to index with each visit. And, when you're posting each new issue, make sure it has a link back to your index page. As spiders go throughrepparttar new content, you might as well register another link to your homepage.

Some publishers gorepparttar 128007 extra step of setting up a domain specifically for their ezine, separate from their regular website. If you feel you have enough content to support both (without duplicating your content), this might be something to consider. Just make sure you haverepparttar 128008 time and energy to manage two separate sites as adding a new domain will take more time.

By focusing each issue of your newsletter on one or more of your keyword phrases, posting archives online, inviting webmasters to link to your newsletter archives, and keeping your newsletter updated, you'll find your rankings climbing. Gorepparttar 128009 extra mile and set up a domain just for your newsletter and you may find yourself with two top ranked sites. As with any newsletter, remember, content matters most, whether your primary goal is more sales, or better search engine rankings.

You're already producing a newsletter. Itís definitely worthrepparttar 128010 extra time trainingrepparttar 128011 newsletter to multitask and to see your site climb inrepparttar 128012 search engines.

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