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Written by Carl Hruza

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userepparttar following as a basic guide: 1 - Low to medium competition with no previous 'search engine optimization' - Locate a good submission service who will give your home page a 'tune-up' then submit your site 'manually' to allrepparttar 128178 leading engines and directories. Expect to pay around $25 to $65 per month. 2 - Medium to High competition on restricted budget - try to locate a service that will go beyond basic Meta Tag revisions. Not all search engines pay much attention to what is in your Meta tags, so look for someone who will make changes torepparttar 128179 HTML on your key content pages to give them a boost. Expect to pay around $55 to $95 per month. 3 - Sites with high or extremely high competition - you will encounter various approaches at higher service levels. Most common is to use 'Doorway' pages and a separate 'Hallway' domain. Think about Doorway/Hallway pages as pages that focus on a specific search phrase, each targeting a specific search engine. It is common to have sites with over 100 custom designed Doorway pages targeting multiple search phrases and multiple search engines. Pricing varies greatly at these levels, and almost always include a setup fee then ongoing monthly service fees. Developing a better understanding of how it all works will help you deciderepparttar 128180 best approach for your web site, and will help you make an informed decision based on realistic expectations.

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Written by windsong

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It is not enough to have a list of keywords in your meta tags. These keywords must also appear inrepparttar title tag as well as inrepparttar 128177 text on your page. If you fail to do this, then your ranking withrepparttar 128178 search engines will be low, no matter how may keywords you have. It is most important that your keywords appear inrepparttar 128179 first paragraph on your page. They should also be inrepparttar 128180 title and headers. Some search engines also read 'alt tags'. Be sure to use relevant keywords there also.

Some ofrepparttar 128181 search engines don't like line breaks in meta tags. It is best to have your meta tags as one long line rather than having it wrap. I have been told that if your tags wrap,repparttar 128182 search engine only readsrepparttar 128183 first line.

You do not need a mile long string of keywords. The search engine will not read all of them. The standard is 1024 characters. The spaces between your keywords also count as a character. Don't use spaces. Use commas to separate your keywords. Select your keywords very carefully, and arrange them in order of importance.

There are no 'secrets' to search engine success. Meta tags are not a magic solution to getting listed. Using meta tags along with other methods, such as having a content rich site, will dramatically boost your ranking inrepparttar 128184 major search engines.

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