Search Engine Predictions For 2002

Written by Kalena Jordan

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4. Growth ofrepparttar SEO Industry - Nothing too Nostradamus about this one. Withrepparttar 128366 importance of search engines finally sinking in,repparttar 128367 need for quality SEO services is booming inrepparttar 128368 U.S. andrepparttar 128369 U.K. I predict this solid demand will continue in 2002, especially in newly developing markets such as Australia/New Zealand and Europe.

5. Death of Two Majors - In any industry, there are always winners and losers. I think 2002 will signalrepparttar 128370 demise for at least two ofrepparttar 128371 major search engines and directories, especially given relevancy and freshness of results are so important torepparttar 128372 market atrepparttar 128373 moment.

6. One or More Major Partnerships - To survive in an industry as volatile as theirs, search engines often need to partner with others. I see some major rivals combining in 2002, just to stay alive. I also see some more major partnerships between online and offline firms, particularly between search engines, communications and media corporations.

7. Move away from In-House to Outsourced Services - Optimizing for search engines now involves a lot more than just traditional site optimization. It involves PPC or PFP campaign management, site copywriting, keyword research, marketing and industry consultation. As search engine optimization becomes even more complex and time consuming in 2002, more businesses will realize SEO is a full-time job and not something their marketing or IT staff can do 'onrepparttar 128374 side'.

To get results, they will have to either hire a SEO specialist in-house OR (more cost-effectively) outsource their requirements from a professional SEO that hasrepparttar 128375 economies-of-scale in place to getrepparttar 128376 job done quickly and effectively.

8. SEO industry Shake-Up - Withrepparttar 128377 growth of PFP & PPC, search engine specialists will have to keep their skills sharpened constantly in 2002 and keep up with industry developments to ensure they remain competitive. With consumer watchdogs keeping a close eye (see here:, developing industry standards and ethics, as well asrepparttar 128378 crackdown on spammers sure to continue,repparttar 128379 SEO industry is sure to experience a major shake-up next year, with onlyrepparttar 128380 most successful and ethical SEOís left still standing.

9. New Technologies - Finally, just like in previous years (think 67 character domains, Ezula, Zeus, MS Smart Tags), Iím sure there will be some significant technological developments in 2002 that will impactrepparttar 128381 search engine industry and make us all head forrepparttar 128382 forums and chat rooms in a panic. But thatísrepparttar 128383 beauty of this industry - they donít call it cutting edge for nothing!

Article by Kalena Jordan, CEO of Web Rank. Kalena was one of the first search engine optimization experts in Australia & New Zealand and is well known and respected in her field. For more of her articles on search engine ranking and online marketing, please visit

New Meta Tag Driving Targeted Traffic to Websites

Written by Shelley Lowery

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This classification will displayrepparttar "Interactive" icon within repparttar 128365 search results.


The "Multimedia" classification will consist of sites that offer audio, video, animation, graphics or any other form of media that isn't text.

This classification will displayrepparttar 128366 "Multimedia" icon withinrepparttar 128367 search results.

Links to Information

The "Links to Information" classification will include web pages that provide a list of resources or links to other sites.

This classification will displayrepparttar 128368 "Links to Information" icon withinrepparttar 128369 search results.


The "Personal" classification will include web pages that are personal home pages for an individual person or family.

This classification will displayrepparttar 128370 "Personal" icon withinrepparttar 128371 search results.


The "Information" classification will include web pages that don't fit into any ofrepparttar 128372 other categories.

This classification will displayrepparttar 128373 "Information" icon within repparttar 128374 search results.

Althoughrepparttar 128375 only Search Engine currently utilizingrepparttar 128376 new Meta tag is, I have it on good authority thatrepparttar 128377 other Search Engines are preparing to recognize them as well.

For further information aboutrepparttar 128378 new Aesop Meta Tag, Visit repparttar 128379 official site. You can submit your site and generate your Meta Tags completely free.

The days of a "search" returning thousands of irrelevant results is coming to an end -- thanks torepparttar 128380 new Aesop Meta Tag. This new Meta Tag will dramatically changerepparttar 128381 way we searchrepparttar 128382 Internet. If you haven't already done so, it is very important that you prepare your pages now.

Shelley Lowery is the author of Ebook Starter - A complete ebook design kit. Subscribe to Etips, for a wealth of quality information to assist you in Web Design, Internet Marketing & Ecommerce. All new subscribers receive a free copy of the highly acclaimed ebook, "Killer Internet Marketing Strategies."

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