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Written by David Gikandi

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Doorway pages are definitely very effective Web promotion tools. But they are also controversial, misunderstood technically and ethically, and can sometimes do more harm than good when abused. None of us really knows 100% whatrepparttar best approach to all this is. I believe that sharing, discussion, and putting issues out inrepparttar 128434 open are what promotes awareness, better decision-making, and progress. I am therefore inviting all readers to contribute their experiences, thoughts, fears, ethical concerns, successes, tips, and problems with doorways. We can all learn from each other about this most important and effective aspect of Web promotion. I also wish to invite you to our Web promotion discussion forum at

To getrepparttar 128435 discussion going, let me say something about one thing that everybody asks about doorways: is it fair and ethical to use them? Id say yes. Doorways are not inherently good or bad, it is how they are used that is. In good use, they help people find what they are looking for. They also solve some serious weaknesses in search engines. You could, for example, have a site on parenting. But because your site may be made almost entirely of dynamically generated pages (database or CGI driven), behind a membership system, be highly graphical, of have long editorial text that scores poorly with search engines, your site will go unnoticed by search engines. It may berepparttar 128436 best site on parenting, butrepparttar 128437 engines will rank it very poorly. Doorways here can give yourepparttar 128438 justice you deserve. And until search engines learn to properly index dynamic content, images, pages with long text, password protected pages, and, best of all, learn to rate and weight inrepparttar 128439 entire sites content and factor it intorepparttar 128440 search results, doorways arerepparttar 128441 best solution for many webmasters.

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Written by Bob McElwain

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Butrepparttar title and description tags do matter. Most search engines use them as you wrote them to createrepparttar 128433 listing for your page. Some do not consider them in rankingrepparttar 128434 page.

Think ofrepparttar 128435 title asrepparttar 128436 headline of an ad that draws attention torepparttar 128437 ad copy. And think ofrepparttar 128438 description asrepparttar 128439 ad copy that compelsrepparttar 128440 reader to click to your site. And above all, be certain a visitor who clicks on your listing finds what was expected onrepparttar 128441 page.

Back To Keywords

You may be able to do some tweaking of your pages relative to keywords. Sincerepparttar 128442 keyword set evolved along with your definition of your ideal customer andrepparttar 128443 features, then benefits of your product, chances are some of these keywords are included on some pages. Or a minor change can bring this about.

Suppose you are working with a page upon which "fly fishing" occurs five times as an integral part ofrepparttar 128444 pitch. While this is not sufficient repetition for a top position on any search engine,repparttar 128445 page may rank reasonably well.

You can improverepparttar 128446 chance of a higher ranking by includingrepparttar 128447 phrase in your title tag and meta description tag, as close torepparttar 128448 beginning of each statement as possible. Rememberrepparttar 128449 title isrepparttar 128450 ad headline andrepparttar 128451 description isrepparttar 128452 ad copy; be sure rewriting does not weakenrepparttar 128453 ad. And while it may be ignored, include it first inrepparttar 128454 keyword tag as well.

Try To Add Keywords To The Page

Suppose you haverepparttar 128455 following sentence onrepparttar 128456 page: "The secret to fly fishing isrepparttar 128457 rod."

Consider adding "fly" so that it now reads, "The secret to fly fishing isrepparttar 128458 fly rod."

Adding this word does not helprepparttar 128459 pitch. But so long as it does not detract from it, we're good. If "fly rod" now occurs four times onrepparttar 128460 page, add it torepparttar 128461 meta keyword tag. And it may be possible to slip it intorepparttar 128462 description some way, but avoid forcing it. The title and description must bring a click. It's easy to clutter them up torepparttar 128463 point where they don't dorepparttar 128464 job.

Other Things

If you are using heading tages, it helps if keywords forrepparttar 128465 page are included in them as close torepparttar 128466 beginning of each as possible. Some have reported good success with including them in ALT tags.

While there is only a small bit of fine tuning that can be done with a well designed site, it's worthrepparttar 128467 effort to do so. For even a small gain can improve ranking substantially.

What Matters Most

The performance ofrepparttar 128468 site isrepparttar 128469 key. Rankings on search engines is way down onrepparttar 128470 priority list compared to site performance.

Only whenrepparttar 128471 site is up and doingrepparttar 128472 job, is it appropriate to consider generating more hits. As suggested, content pages work. And there are those who can generate hits for you. Advertising works, but takes some time to master. Link swaps are very effective, and often overlooked.

There is literally no end to what can be done to generate more hits. But until site performance is maximized, more hits mean next to nothing.

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