Search Engine Positioning: Trends for 2005

Written by Fernando Maciá

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oUsability – Two aspects are important for a website to produce a satisfying performance. Not only it needs to be well optimized forrepparttar search engines, or be search engine friendly, but it also needs to be optimized forrepparttar 128246 visitors, or be user friendly. That is why usability factors are so important when it comes to designingrepparttar 128247 navigation, framework, and contents of a website.

oFeedback – One cannot afford to ignorerepparttar 128248 type of keywords and other search criteria that will generaterepparttar 128249 largest rate of conversion from visitors to clients. By analyzing this data periodically we can continually optimize our website, not necessarily to obtain a greater number of top search engine rankings, but to improve our efficiency and profitability (our real goal).

From information to knowledge


This will be one ofrepparttar 128250 buzzwords for 2005. The true goal for this year will be to achieve that a larger number of web visitors actually become clients. Obtaining top rankings inrepparttar 128251 search engines, even though is one ofrepparttar 128252 most worthwhile investments, still costs money. It is even more expensive to sign up for an AdWords campaign or any other pay-per-click scheme. Besides,repparttar 128253 higherrepparttar 128254 traffic level,repparttar 128255 more bandwidth will be required and, in some instances,repparttar 128256 cost to analyzerepparttar 128257 traffic statistics will increase. That is whyrepparttar 128258 quality ofrepparttar 128259 traffic is always going to be valued overrepparttar 128260 quantity. This paradigm shift will involve efforts in two different areas: positioning and results analysis and measurement.


It will be time well spent to identify and select those key concepts for our niche market andrepparttar 128261 most efficient search engines and value-added portals to direct quality traffic to our website. The majority ofrepparttar 128262 effort will be concentrated inrepparttar 128263 areas listed below.

oWeb optimization will no longer belong to just a few. It is foreseeable that by generalizingrepparttar 128264 web optimization procedures, competition among websites inrepparttar 128265 same line of business will shift fromrepparttar 128266 application of certain “tricks” (e.g., meta-tags, keyword saturations, etc.) to improvements in areas such as content enrichment, usability, a genuine interest towardsrepparttar 128267 end-users andrepparttar 128268 addition of external references by placing access links in related websites. oQuality code. XHTML 1.0 code and CSS 2.0 style sheets are becoming increasingly popular syntaxes forrepparttar 128269 development of web pages. They provide flexibility andrepparttar 128270 possibility to easily customize a web design, while significantly increasing page loading speeds, thus improvingrepparttar 128271 accessibility and indexing of a website. oCultural and geographical content adaptation. Global websites go beyondrepparttar 128272 translation of their text to multiple languages. They also adapt their entire content to matchrepparttar 128273 local peculiarities and cultural and linguistic differences of each country or region. Inrepparttar 128274 United States, for example, websites adapted to capturerepparttar 128275 attention ofrepparttar 128276 Hispanic community,repparttar 128277 number one minority in that country, have already started to surface. Inrepparttar 128278 multi-cultural environment ofrepparttar 128279 European Union, an even larger need exists to adapt website contents torepparttar 128280 different languages and cultural interests of each country. And finally, one cannot ignorerepparttar 128281 emergent interest by western businesses of capturing Chinese, Indian, and Middle-eastern audiences. oUsability and accessibility. These are two principles that besides improving and facilitatingrepparttar 128282 conversion process from users to clients, they demand a greater social responsibility towards minorities, and generally speaking, an increase inrepparttar 128283 degree in which a website has to be indexed for a search engine.

Web traffic analysis:

Web positioning and web traffic reports, in isolation, no longer have valuable meaning if they are being used asrepparttar 128284 only set of metrics to determinerepparttar 128285 success of a website. Instead, one should focus not only inrepparttar 128286 selection ofrepparttar 128287 most significant set of performance metrics for a website (the so-called key Performance Indicators), but also inrepparttar 128288 continuous monitoring of these indicators in order to establish trends and anticipate changes. To ensure success, this type of analysis must followrepparttar 128289 following guidelines: oEach department should establish their own set of metrics and associated performance indicators. Examples of such indicators could berepparttar 128290 rate of satisfactory results generated by an internal product search engine,repparttar 128291 rate of cases that were resolved at a help desk,repparttar 128292 participation rate amongrepparttar 128293 various website sections as depicted inrepparttar 128294 web traffic reports,repparttar 128295 rate of products that get added to a shopping cart,repparttar 128296 rate of visits that concluded in a successful sale,repparttar 128297 recommendations sent to other users, how visitors valuedrepparttar 128298 different products,repparttar 128299 number of contacts established, etc. oOncerepparttar 128300 performance indicators have been identified for each case, a monitoring calendar should be put in place to periodically trackrepparttar 128301 various metrics. Instead of receiving hundreds of web traffic statistics, each department head can then focus in tracking their own performance indicators. oThis form of tracking does allow each responsible party to contemplate improvement plans and determine if previous strategies are havingrepparttar 128302 anticipated success. Since they are only monitoring their own area, corrective measures can be quickly identified and applied. oBased onrepparttar 128303 information obtained from these indicators,repparttar 128304 entire cycle can be started again.


The search engine consolidation in three primary players –Google, Yahoo! and MSN Search- has simplified, in a way,repparttar 128305 task of positioning websites for those engines. Notwithstanding,repparttar 128306 generalization of this type of strategies has started to eroderepparttar 128307 competitive edge thatrepparttar 128308 early websites obtained from using “tricks” to attractrepparttar 128309 attention of certain search engines. From here on, however,repparttar 128310 battle for a successful website placement strays fromrepparttar 128311 application of “tricks” by expert wannabes towards more sound, while more complex, strategies including not onlyrepparttar 128312 optimization of meta-tags, but alsorepparttar 128313 enrichment of page contents, code correctness, generation of contents for other websites, participation in forums and chat rooms, active search for partners and access links, on-line training, usability, accessibility, etc. And it is in this new environment, armed with a good set of increasingly sophisticated web traffic analysis tools, that we can make well educated marketing decisions, not only to improve our on-line presence, but to benefit our off-line world as well. As a final comment, I would like to raiserepparttar 128314 possibility that some or all these tactics may prove ineffective by year end. However, since we have not found that perfect crystal ball yet, it seems wise and prudent to start fromrepparttar 128315 basis suggested in this paper and keep a watchful eye on any new developments that may impactrepparttar 128316 course that we decide to set.

Fernando Maciá is Human Level Communications' CEO, a company with offices in Alicante, Spain and Dallas, Texas. We specialize in web design, CMS development, search engine optimization and traffic statistics data mining.

The Most Beneficial and Most Under-Used Web Site Promotion Tool

Written by Rich Brunelle

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What do you have to do to get your Press Release published? There are only two rules to successful Press Release distribution and publication. 1. WRITE WELL. And 2. SUBMIT IT WELL. There are no Editors that like poorly written anything. Poorly worded or full of grammatical errors gets one thing,repparttar trash. And, regardless of many peoples opinion,repparttar 128245 News Distribution Service utilized is very important. You can submit a press release about Jimmy Johnson getting caught eating boogers and subsequently getting promoted fromrepparttar 128246 Mailroom to Building Maintenance, as long as you followrepparttar 128247 proceeding rules.

To write a Press Release well, you have to understandrepparttar 128248 use of a Press Release. A press Release is not a Sales Brochure. A Press Release is not for telling stories about your weird Uncle Alfred. A press Release is to tellrepparttar 128249 world some newsworthy event has or will occur. And believe it or not, your web site or business probably has such newsworthy events happening allrepparttar 128250 time. Once you have ascertained that you have such an event to tellrepparttar 128251 world about, you have to write your article properly. Not only do most places you can submit your Press Release to require it be in a certain format, but they also expect it to read a certain way.

A Press Release should start strong with an informative title, followed by an equally strong first paragraph. The first paragraph should contain answers to Who, What, Where, When, and Why. Subsequent paragraphs should be used for interview quotes and or supportive content. Having done that, there is one more important element to a proper Press Release. There is no such thing as an anonymous Press Release. Press Releases contain allrepparttar 128252 specifics relative torepparttar 128253 person makingrepparttar 128254 Press Release. There are some Editors and Journalists that actually want to discussrepparttar 128255 Press Release content, and your Press Release will not seerepparttar 128256 first glimpse of publication if they are unable to contact you.

This article has not prepared you for writing and distributing your Press Release properly. Doing so is not my intent. The sole intent of this article has been to raise your awareness regardingrepparttar 128257 value of Press Releases. I recommend that you consult a professional, read a book onrepparttar 128258 topic, or find a friend that works in Public Relations to help you for best promotion of your company or web site using Press Releases. But, if you are willing to put forthrepparttar 128259 effort, you will findrepparttar 128260 Press Release one ofrepparttar 128261 strongest promotional tools available to you in any media.

ABOUT THE AUTHOR Richard Brunelle is CC&BW for datajam’s Internet at He has been providing technical support services, building web sites, and writing informative articles since 1996.

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