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Written by Debra Bellmaine

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Links From Other Sites. Inrepparttar good old days (a year or two ago), it was sufficient to add keywords in a few places on your web pages, submit them torepparttar 128139 search engines and voila, top listings. However, withrepparttar 128140 explosive growth ofrepparttar 128141 World Wide Web in recent years,repparttar 128142 search engines have become much more smarter in figuring out which search results would best satisfy a particular query. One criterion that is currently very important isrepparttar 128143 number of other websites that have links to yours. Fromrepparttar 128144 perspective of a search engine, lots of links coming into your site make your site more important, and therefore more likely to providerepparttar 128145 information needed byrepparttar 128146 searcher. Why would another website want to link to yours? The best reason is that your website content is so outstanding that other sites will link to yours as a service to their visitors. But, this is not as easy as it sounds, since there are so many sites out there, many with dozens (sometimes hundreds) of pages of useful information.

A commonly used method of increasing links to your site is to offer to swap links with another site. This is known as a "link exchange." It takes a bit of work, but is generallyrepparttar 128147 quickest route to improved search engine listings.

Search Engine Submission. After allrepparttar 128148 above has been completed, it is time to for your web pages to be submitted torepparttar 128149 search engines. Although there are numerous submission firms that claim to be able to submit your site to "thousands" of search engines, there are only a few engines that actually matter, such as Yahoo, Google, MSN Search and AOL (not an exhaustive list). After working hard to get your website designed, built and you wait. It generally takes 6 - 10 weeks after submission forrepparttar 128150 results to start to be seen. And it is vital to understand that your position inrepparttar 128151 search engine listings is dynamic. There are other websites also using these techniques to improve their position, and there is absolutely no way to guarantee a particular position inrepparttar 128152 listings, or how long your site will stay at that position. Even so,repparttar 128153 difference these steps can make for your site's visibility makes it a worthwhile investment.

Pay-Per-Click Listings

If you want immediate placement onrepparttar 128154 search engines, plus a better measure of control over your listing's position, you should consider pay-per-click, or sponsored, listings. If you do a search on any major search engine you will see listings atrepparttar 128155 top or alongrepparttar 128156 side ofrepparttar 128157 page that haverepparttar 128158 notation "sponsored listing." They may also be set apart with a colored background, which isrepparttar 128159 case on Google.

These listings are really paid advertisements. The way they work is a bidding system. You,repparttar 128160 advertiser, bid onrepparttar 128161 search terms for which you want your listings to be displayed. The amount of your bid indicates how much you're willing to pay for a click on your link. You only pay when your listing is displayed for a particular keyword andrepparttar 128162 searcher clicks on your listing to visit your site. The highest bidder getsrepparttar 128163 first listing onrepparttar 128164 results page,repparttar 128165 second highest bidder getsrepparttar 128166 next highest listing, and so on. Bids can be as low as 10 cents, and go as high as 10 dollars or more for a really hot keyword, such as "mortgage." Quite often you can bid on very effective keywords for 25 to 50 cents.

There are advantages torepparttar 128167 pay-per-click system. The most obvious is that in just a day or two your website can be displayed atrepparttar 128168 top ofrepparttar 128169 search engine listings. If you've invested a lot in getting your site up and running you may not want to wait 2 months for your customers to be able to find you. Also, sponsored listings are targeted to those who are really searching forrepparttar 128170 information available on your site, unlike "banner ads," which you have no doubt seen on many sites. (A banner ad is more like a billboard. The advertiser pays to have it displayed regardless of whether viewers actually click on it.)

The big downside to pay-per-click listings is that you may have lots of idle visitors who are just surfing aroundrepparttar 128171 Net and don't intend to buy. If they click on your listing, you pay, regardless of whether or not they become your customer. The business owner (you) must decide what you are willing to spend for customer acquisition.

In Conclusion

I hope that this discussion has been helpful to you. If you are investing in a website or search engine positioning, you need to understand at leastrepparttar 128172 basics ofrepparttar 128173 game, and that is what I have hoped to achieve. It's not as complicated as it sounds ...althoughrepparttar 128174 unfamiliar terminology inrepparttar 128175 field of computers andrepparttar 128176 Internet often make it seem so. Never be concerned about seeming ignorant to your web designer or other Internet service providers. Before meeting you they probably had even less understanding of your field!

Debra Bellmaine is President of Bellmaine Associates (, a web design & development firm providing website solutions for small and medium-size businesses. She is a software professional with broad experience creating custom business applications. She holds a Bachelor of Science in Information Systems, as well as various certifications, including Sun Certified Developer for the Java 2 Platform.

Myths on Top Search Engine Rankings & Link Popularity

Written by George Papazoglou

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Again, search engine robots seem to "ignore" this abused "strategy". Don't worry, you won't get your site banned, but also don't anticipate measurable results.

~~ Myth #5 ~~

Using Search Engine Submission Services and Software will Skyrocket your Search Engine Rankings

If most search engines offer a "free submission" option, what would berepparttar benefit of paying for a submission service to promote your site? Obviously no benefit.

Since search engines are programmed to "spider / crawl" your web site throughrepparttar 128138 links it receives from other web locations (sites), any additional promotional effort is evidently futile.

~~ Myth #6 ~~

Search Engines don't Index Dynamically Generated Pages...

Top search engines like Google and Altavista (and not only) do index dynamically generated pages / links, but don't necessarily count them as a "good hub" towards optimum link popularity. Dynamically generated hyperlinks / web-pages like affiliate links and certain database-driven webs, can be "spidered" and actually appear in search engine indexes. It's up to a search engine's algorithm to "decide" how high will a web page appear in its' results.

Enigmatic Hint: A selected few savvy webmasters are acquainted with a little-known, yet legitimate technique, that is based on a specific search engine algorithm to generate thousands of dollars in affiliate marketing commissions.

Combiningrepparttar 128139 forces of link popularity and a strategic usage of meta tags (oh, yes... meta-tags are *still* important), will turn any web site literally hot wired and competitive. However, you'd need more than conventional search engine marketing methods to vie with your competition.

Many webmasters have resorted to submission software to boost rankings and automaterepparttar 128140 indexing procedure. These tools are promoted aggressively by marketers who promise to produce superlative results. Yes, these "tools" were good but... once upon a time. The main purpose of using such tools is to automate your search engine submission, but you'd better resort to other, self-promotional avenues by... enriching your knowledge.

Since we "debugged" 6 ofrepparttar 128141 most shattering search engine marketing myths based on top ranks and optimum link popularity,repparttar 128142 "comeback" is almost obvious...

The postmortem ofrepparttar 128143 whole chronicle, is thatrepparttar 128144 search engine marketing savvy is a priceless "virtual" asset. No matter how classy a website is, if it isn't search engine optimized, only a strong budget can bring-in visitors (add "prospective" before visitors) -- an everlasting "marriage" withrepparttar 128145 advertising companies.

George Papazoglou is the Creator of the Search Engine Pro-2001 Marketing Course and ex-Web Site Optimization Veteran.

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