Search Engine Optimization is not Marketing

Written by Dave Felts

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SEO is not marketing! SEO is building a site so that it's easily found, crawled, indexed and ranked byrepparttar search engines. You don't see results in a week, or even a month. You can't directly calculate a return on investment.

If you're thinking about SEO, do a baseline analysis of your traffic to determine:

1. The average number of unique visitors per day overrepparttar 150746 last three months

2. The average number of page views per day overrepparttar 150747 last three months

3. Your position inrepparttar 150748 organic results for they key terms you want to target in Google, Yahoo, and MSN

Now do your SEO, wait 6 months, and repeatrepparttar 150749 above. Ifrepparttar 150750 results arerepparttar 150751 same, or only a little bit above where they were, then your SEO wasn't effective. But if there's a significant difference, and you've got a good deal more traffic than you did before, it probably was.<

Dave is a full-time Search Engine Marketing Manager. He also runs SyteSurge, a web site dedicated to search engine optimization and Internet marketing.

SEO and the Title Tag

Written by Dave Felts

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From MSN Webmaster Help

About your site description

Asrepparttar MSN Search web crawler MSNBot crawls your site, it analyzesrepparttar 150745 content on indexed pages and generates keywords to associate with each page. Then MSNBot extracts page content that is highly relevant torepparttar 150746 keywords (often sentence segments that contain keywords or information inrepparttar 150747 description meta tag) and constructsrepparttar 150748 site description displayed in search results. The page title and URL are also extracted and displayed in search results.

From Yahoo Search Help

Yahoo! Search ranks results according to their relevance to a particular query by analyzingrepparttar 150749 web page text, title and description accuracy as well as its source , associated links, and other unique document characteristics.

Comprehensive article by Jill Whalen From

Readrepparttar 150750 complete article at:

What Is a Title Tag?

The title tag is one ofrepparttar 150751 most important factors in achieving high search engine rankings.

A title tag is essentially an HTML code snippet that createsrepparttar 150752 words that appear inrepparttar 150753 top bar of your Web browser.

The title tag belongs inrepparttar 150754 section of your source code, and is generally followed by your Meta description and Meta keywords tags. The order of these tags is not critical, so don't worry if your HTML editor places them in a different position.

Some Web site design tools and content management systems (CMS) automatically generaterepparttar 150755 title tag from information you provide. You may have noticed Web pages that are labeled "Page 1," "Page 2," or "Home Page" inrepparttar 150756 browser title bar. You'll often see titles like these being used by beginning Web site designers who simply don't know how to use their software or their title tag for maximum benefit.

Dave is a full-time Search Engine Marketing Manager. He also runs SyteSurge, a web site dedicated to search engine optimization and search engine marketing.

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