Search Engine Optimization for Newbies

Written by Mario Sanchez

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2) They rely on links to your page from other web pages: This is understandable, since if search engines relied only on web page copy, it would be too easy to manipulate results. Outside inbound links from quality sites are difficult to get, and therefore carry significant weight. Regarding inbound links, two things are important:

a)repparttar quality and topic ofrepparttar 127861 page whererepparttar 127862 link originates should be relevant to your topic, and

b)repparttar 127863 words onrepparttar 127864 text used to link to you must contain your preferred keywords: if those links say "Dallas Web Design Company",repparttar 127865 search engines will conclude that you are a web design company based in Dallas (byrepparttar 127866 same token,repparttar 127867 words "click here" won't tell search engines anything about your site).

In a nutshell, findrepparttar 127868 right keywords, make your page copy relevant to those keywords, and get a lot of quality inbound links with your keywords inrepparttar 127869 link text, and you will be on your way to high search engine rankings.

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When to NOT hire a SEO and why

Written by Zoran Makrevski

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You will be forced to pay monthly maintenance to that company and if you decide to stop their services, they will redirect their traffic to some other company in same industry. Keywords which worked well for you, will work well for your competitors too.

Fair and honest company might offer similar deal because of many reasons, butrepparttar domain from whichrepparttar 127860 visitors will come will be YOURS, so if you want to change SEO Company, you will haverepparttar 127861 traffic directed to your site untilrepparttar 127862 new company takes over, and your investment (optimized domain andrepparttar 127863 traffic) will remain your property.

In case that SEO Company doesnít want to discloserepparttar 127864 techniques which will use to rank high your website.


Legal and ethical SEO Company will give you very clear idea what they intent to do with your site, and will give you detailed plan of activities. You have to know that some SEO Companies use techniques forbidden by search engines and your site may get banned fromrepparttar 127865 search engines because of this.

For example if your SEO company use thousands automatically created so called doorway pages, which are full of your keywords only and are useless torepparttar 127866 visitors, your site might get banned because of this.

So be sure to ask your SEO Company what they intent to do, and which techniques they plan to use. Good SEO Company is always ready to educate their client to some level.

When SEO Company claim that you will seerepparttar 127867 results within 1 months


In this case, donít walk away. Run!

If your site is brand new, it might take up to 3 months to get listed on major search engines. To get some results even in less competitive results, you should count that 4-6 months isrepparttar 127868 timeframe where you can expect to see first results. Note that if your website has 5-10 pages only, you will need much more content that this. SEO Company will have to add much new pages to your site, and that is time consuming task.

So, ifrepparttar 127869 SEO Company claims that you will be onrepparttar 127870 top within a month, they have PPC (Pay per Click) in their mind, and that have nothing with Search Engine Optimization.

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