Search Engine Optimization Tip: Don't buy anything before you learn more!

Written by Paul Stefanski

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Hasrepparttar SEO Fog lifted from around your head?

Hasrepparttar 149401 "I MUST buy that cool SEO software" syndrome been cleansed from your system?

The urge to go out and buy these "cool tools" is based onrepparttar 149402 fact that SEO is hard work. It takes time, energy and education to do it right. However, it is in persevering and takingrepparttar 149403 time to learn that will ultimately lead to success.

How much education does one need?

Atrepparttar 149404 very least,repparttar 149405 ability to answerrepparttar 149406 following basic questions:

How does search engine optimization fit into an overall marketing strategy? What are onpage and offpage optimization? What arerepparttar 149407 steps for fulfilling each? Which arerepparttar 149408 main search engines? What three are truly important?

Don't spend big bucks on anything until answers to these questions can be found.

If you are simply looking for a search engine optimization tip that will make life onrepparttar 149409 web a little easier, then my recommendation is of no use. But you will find, as many have, that you will jump from one SEO tool to another continually searching for that magic bullet. Saverepparttar 149410 pain (and money) and get educated first.

Paul Stefanski develops Recommended Web Tools,a resource for those just beginning to develop their own websites. A more complete form of this article, with included resources, can be found at Search Engine Optimization Tip.

A Few Reminders on Key Words for SEO

Written by Holly Bentz -

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Use RankSense to help selectrepparttar appropriate keywords to position your site Try to userepparttar 149157 specified keyword 1-2 times inrepparttar 149158 first two sentences ofrepparttar 149159 text

In each paragraph, repeat keywords a minimum of twice

Mix keywords with synonymous popular search terms

Keywords should not be repeated within 13 words of each other

Avoidrepparttar 149160 temptation of overstuffing keywords spiders may penalize your site

Inrepparttar 149161 realm of basic HTML,repparttar 149162 regular text should be enclosed withinrepparttar 149163 confines ofrepparttar 149164 body tags, ) or even paragraph tags,

Paragraphs should not exceed six lines

Label images with keywords inrepparttar 149165 alt text. In example:

<*img src="url" alt="keyword in a phrase which identifiesrepparttar 149166 jpeg or image file ">

In summation, informative copy writing will inevitably compel better search engine results. Not to mention, you will gainrepparttar 149167 loyalty of your visitor/target market through relevant articles as well as resources.

Donít forget to whiskrepparttar 149168 key words until they are refined for search engine optimization.

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