Search Engine Optimization 101- How to Educate Your Costumer

Written by Julio Ferreira

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Would you start building a house byrepparttar roof? Or even worst, would you consider just building a house with no project whatsoever, just a picture of what it would look like? Of course not! But that is exactly what most designers are doing. They build beautiful sites, which atrepparttar 131736 end are totally dysfunctional, navigation is terrible and, worst of all, NOT spider-friendly at all. It’s like having a house which is gorgeous onrepparttar 131737 outside, but when you go inside, there are no halls connectingrepparttar 131738 rooms, some halls take to nowhere,repparttar 131739 toilet is inrepparttar 131740 kitchen,repparttar 131741 shower inrepparttar 131742 living room, bedrooms have no doors, andrepparttar 131743 furniture is made out of papier-mâché. Yes, this is exactly how some websites look to us. The big secret in SEO is having a good architectural project, which will give you a plan of howrepparttar 131744 structure ofrepparttar 131745 website will be like, and then a nicely done layout can be fitted beautifully on it. That will help, not onlyrepparttar 131746 spiders to crawlrepparttar 131747 site, but certainly will make it more pleasurable for your prospect clients to navigate throughrepparttar 131748 site maximizingrepparttar 131749 experience. Givingrepparttar 131750 client a more enjoyable experience means he/she will navigate for a longer time in your website, getting to know more about your product, building more confidence with your company, thus increasingrepparttar 131751 potential of sale.

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Who is Really Making the Expired Domains Money?

Written by Ed Zivkovic

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The beauty about is that you can specify exactly what you want your script to do and you will most likely pay much less for a full featured script. Plus you will ownrepparttar rights torepparttar 131734 script.

So How Can You Profit from Expired Domains?

In his course, Corey Rudl explains one website model that should interest you right now. The website model goes like this:

Find a service which somebody is charging money for onrepparttar 131735 Internet.

Offer a similar service for Free and have no sales messages onrepparttar 131736 site inrepparttar 131737 early days.

Corey goes on to explain that after thousands of people link to your site, you can convertrepparttar 131738 site into some kind of profit model by selling ad space, your own product that you have created or affiliate products etc.

So clearly,repparttar 131739 ones who makerepparttar 131740 most money from Expired Domain Names arerepparttar 131741 ones atrepparttar 131742 top ofrepparttar 131743 Pecking-Order.

Will you makerepparttar 131744 most money by joining an Expired Domain names affiliate program or will you make more if you have thousands of Affiliates selling YOUR product or service.

Now listen. It is a lot easier to get a joint venture partner than it is selling affiliate products one at a time. Just one good joint venture partner promoting your product in their ezine can result in many sales overnight!

What would you rather do?

Pay 10 bucks a month to access a database of expired domains or pay 10 bucks a month for web hosting and ownrepparttar 131745 whole deal?

What if you offered Free Expired Domain Name Search on your site but also offered Domain Name Registrations onrepparttar 131746 search results page?

To see an example of a regular Free Domain Name Search and Domain Name Registration business go to

Always try to be atrepparttar 131747 top ofrepparttar 131748 Pecking-Order

Before you join an affiliate program, consider creating a similar product or service.

The author, Ed Zivkovic is a self-taught webmaster. His website contains articles with all sorts of tips for work at home webmasters. Here is the site:

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