Search Engine Optimization - The Important of Noframes tag in SEO

Written by Endar WS

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here. Userepparttar general search engine optimization rules: # Repeat keywords in title tag, both meta keyword, meta description tag, this is a part of search results, Heading tag, including heading 1 to heading 6, first trivial lines of your web page (many search engines use this trivial lines as a part of search results), links, alt attribute in image tags, etc. Repeat keywords several times in good sentences and please avoid too much repeatingrepparttar 141743 same keywords and phrases that make impressions on dissonant and repeating since search engines will assume it as spam. Please not that you should only repeat keywords and phrases until you get 5% in keywords density, and not more than that. Exceeding keyword density than 5% will make your site being penalize by search engines. This method will much help you in search engine positioning.

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Get TOP 10 Position on Search Engines with proven methodology

Written by N.R.Srinath

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Use Robots.txt Robots.txt allows search engines that what directory and files has to be indexed in search engine. Visit for more information for robots.txt

Add Subdomians Add relevant subdomians for ex: It will get you better indexed in search engines. Or else get free url redirections. It will help in improvingrepparttar position.

Add Sitemaps Site maps is an overview of all pages of a website in short form. The pages are listed according to title. If a short description ofrepparttar 141742 page is available, it will also be displayed. Every page title will be displayed as a link, through which you can navigate torepparttar 141743 page. Best site for example is: Site maps will help you index all pages on your website. It is a must.

Choose Right Domain Name Choose a right domain name for examples if you are going to start a ring tone site then buy domain names are or etc because search engines consider your domain to be relevant keywords.

Use Alt Tag

Always use Alt tag forrepparttar 141744 images and include keywords in it Submit your site to Directorys - Free and also to paid directory it will help in increase your position indexed in search engines

Google and Yahoo

So why its Vital to get in to Google and yahoo ?

78% of searches are made in either google or yahoo. AOL and Netscape uses google search technology so they will come up with same results.

How google ranks your site

how many WebPages your website has.

Words in title tags

how many websites link to yours

keywords showing as links

Google Page rank

Words on bold

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