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Written by Alec Duncan

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5. Another problem is many people think "Well my site is only a small site, there is no way I will be able to compete withrepparttar larger sites that have top spots inrepparttar 127989 search engines". If you think like this Iíd like to say this to you. It is possible that that if you optimize your web site you may not be able to compete withrepparttar 127990 larger sites and may not be able to get a page 1 or 2 ranking in any ofrepparttar 127991 search engines, BUT, what if you did. Always shoot forrepparttar 127992 stars so if you fall short you will at least hitrepparttar 127993 sky.

Now for those of you who plan to better your websites via Search Engine Optimization here arerepparttar 127994 stages you need to follow in order to have an efficient and effective SEO campaign.

Planning Your Search Engine Optimization Campaign Planning is an essential factor in your SEO campaign. Knowing exactly what steps you are going to make and in what order and how you are going to go about achieving each of those steps will save you not only time but it will save you frustration as well. Planning is essential.

Researchingrepparttar 127995 Most Effective SEO Strategies What works and what does not. You will need to learn as many optimization strategies as you can that are currently effective withrepparttar 127996 search engines. This will be one ofrepparttar 127997 most time consuming steps in your SEO campaign as you will have to sift through information as well as participate in SEO related forums to get additional information from professional. You can take this process in stages and apply your newly gained knowledge as you get it. There is also some useful software available both free and paid that will greatly help with this effort. WebPosition Gold is one ofrepparttar 127998 more popular ones.

Search Engine Optimize Your Site This should be done in stages so you can seerepparttar 127999 effectiveness ofrepparttar 128000 applied strategies you are using. Donít change your entire site all at once, instead, change a few areas at a time and see what results they produce. If you are satisfied with this then move on and optimize another section.

Search engine optimization does not only deal with your site it also deals withrepparttar 128001 relationship other sites have with yours and yours with theirs. Keep this in mind when utilizing your link building strategies.

Monitor Your SEO Progress There are many ways to do this you will have to findrepparttar 128002 best method for you. You will need to monitor your search engine ranking forrepparttar 128003 keywords you are targeting after each update. Changes should be recorded and used as references to monitor progress and for strategy adjustments. There are many tools for this process as well. I recommend This Tool for monitoring your progress onrepparttar 128004 Google search engine as it is very easy to use and you can monitor several domains and keywords all from withinrepparttar 128005 same account. It also gives yourepparttar 128006 option of viewingrepparttar 128007 number of backlinks.

These steps followrepparttar 128008 Plan Do Review methodology which is a proven strategy for engaging in any task. It is again unfortunate that there are so many webmasters who overlook this entire process; hopefully this article will stop you from making this same mistake.

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Written by Pavel Lenshin

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There would undoubtedly be web-site sections or pages with extremely high competition that would stressrepparttar popularity and importance of that topic, so if you decide to keep it "as is", optimization will raise your listing, but somewhere from 796,021 place to 545,932. Does it help you?

The extent of your "flexibility" and how far you can go to look "pretty" from SE viewpoint is what should be decided beforehand, because there are always 3 parts: you/your business, target market/consumers and search engines/directories, between which about 90% of informational preferences are common, butrepparttar 127988 rest 10% differ and it is up to you to decide what themes you should focus on. Whenever you are implementing any ofrepparttar 127989 SEO tactics mentioned in this publication, keep in mind your business and consumers' needs.

Having understood these fundamental features of SEO, could we make a step further into a complete web-site search engine optimization, expanding your business torepparttar 127990 new markets.

Note that SEO, despite all mentioned above, is all about "asking for high ranking" and there cannot be any results guarantee as no one except for SE developers themselves control ranking algorithm and determine "who is where". More than that, SEO takes much time before effecting your listing positions and this timeframe may range somewhere from week to several months, so don't panic if your optimization efforts haven't resulted in Google #1 position by tomorrow morning.


Let's start from drawing a scheme of your web-site link structure very similar to one every web-developer draws before designing a web-site. Under other equal conditions, we will speak about later, it is also clear thatrepparttar 127991 more theme based web-pages or even web-site sections you create,repparttar 127992 more chances of being ranked high you have, no matter how optimized your competitor's single web-page is.

Each web-page of web-site section should represent a particular theme or topic. This way you can diversify your "keywords market", increasing chances of high rankings. Despite obvious visitors advantage your site is more likely to win market recognition.

For now try to have "horizontal" as well as standard "vertical" link connections between pages. If one of your pages got a high ranking position (Google Page rank) it may help to improverepparttar 127993 rankings of web-pages connected to it as well.

Keyword analysis

Next step is to determine keywords, mainly, phrases that we would like to target. Talking about mentioned dilemma, I would like to point torepparttar 127994 other approach you should know about, that is suggested by some experts. Let's call it SE-oriented approach.

According to this approach, before creating a web-site your first step implies searching forrepparttar 127995 best key phrases via competitive analysis on main SE and then starting to develop content around these keywords. It means that your web-site will get highest SE ranking, butrepparttar 127996 informational richness will be dictated by neither you nor your consumers. Under such conditions it is SE or, to be more specific, your compe tition will determine what kind of content you will have at your web-site. As you see, according to SE-oriented approach,repparttar 127997 more competitive some key phrase and based on it topic is,repparttar 127998 less attention you should pay to developing that theme at your own site.

My attitude is slightly different. I offer at first to create and evaluate your current web-site content based on your business preferences and your niche-market needs and then optimize those web-pages according to keywords taken from your existed web-pages, no matter how toughrepparttar 127999 competition may be. Of course, you are free to create new pages around keywords with low competition just for traffic building purposes, butrepparttar 128000 primary accent should be focused on your business development and marketing needs.

As forrepparttar 128001 keywords,repparttar 128002 basic rule is to chooserepparttar 128003 most targeted phrases rather than single words for two reasons: - Phrases could describe your web-page theme usually more precisely than a word; - Phrases usually have substantially less competition in comparison with one-word.

Write down 3-5repparttar 128004 most targeted key phrases for each web-page or section we are going to optimize. Then by evaluating supply/demand ratio findrepparttar 128005 easiest keywords for SE positioning.

Standard procedure of determining your key phrase competition or, as i said "evaluating supply/demand ratio" is to look at their supply and demand at popular SEs. Supply is determined by results of searching them on SEs while demand can be found through query on PPC programs at or's AdWords that have tool for discovering how many time keywords or phrase have been searched on them.

By doing so we are searching forrepparttar 128006 most prospective and promising for optimization key phrases. Having them allow us to go further and start optimizingrepparttar 128007 web-pages themselves.

(to be continued)

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