Search Engine Optimization - A Complete Idiot's Guide

Written by Chris van der Walt

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What we've learned so far: We need to make a website more than just user-friendly, but also search engine-friendly by using keywords properly throughout our site, and thorough keyword research is very important.

And now forrepparttar most important bit, namely link popularity. A search engine such as Google (the biggest and therefore most important search engine inrepparttar 150903 world) places an incredible amount of importance on how many sites link to yours (reciprocal linking),repparttar 150904 quality of those sites as well asrepparttar 150905 way in which they link to your site. In other words, it is very important to exchange links with other sites with similar content to yours. That is, you put a clickable link to their site on your site, and they dorepparttar 150906 same for you. It is also important that they link to your site withrepparttar 150907 correct phrase inrepparttar 150908 link text (the text that you click on to followrepparttar 150909 link). If you want to optimize your site forrepparttar 150910 keyword "clothes hangers" but others link to you withrepparttar 150911 keyword "baby diapers" inrepparttar 150912 link text,repparttar 150913 search engines will once again incorrectly assume that your site is about baby diapers instead. As far asrepparttar 150914 quality ofrepparttar 150915 other sites linking to yours (your link partners) is concerned, this is a vast and complicated topic that we'll have to cover on its own.

There are actually many other factors that also determine your website's rankings in search engines, but these arerepparttar 150916 basic ones. I hope this helps you somewhat (yes, I know it's complicated and daunting), but if I only succeeded in confusing you more, then don't worry - there are many search engine optimization specialists out there. And yes, you'll find thatrepparttar 150917 best ones are normally atrepparttar 150918 top ofrepparttar 150919 search engine results pages! And if they are worthrepparttar 150920 money you pay them, you should see an exponential return on investment withinrepparttar 150921 first year. It might also be advisable to have them monitor your web site's search engine rankings on an ongoing basis so thatrepparttar 150922 goose doesn't suddenly for some reason stop laying those golden eggs!

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To Meta Tag or not to Meta Tag

Written by Dave Felts

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They haven't taken an official position in their Webmaster Help section, butrepparttar general consensus seems to be that MSN does place some value on these tags.


I couldn't find anything "official" butrepparttar 150747 consensus seems to be that Yahoo uses them, especiallyrepparttar 150748 description tag.


The industry opinion is that Google doesn't bother with meta keywords at all, and that it MIGHT give some credibility to meta description. However, while good meta tags probably won't help in Google, bad ones can hurt. If Google sees words inrepparttar 150749 meta description and keywords that it doesn't find onrepparttar 150750 page, that can have a negative affect.

The Bottom Line

Better to have it and not need it, than need it and not have it!

Dave is a full-time Search Engine Marketing Manager. He also runs SyteSurge, a web site dedicated to search engine optimization and search engine marketing.

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