Search Engine Optimization --- An Overview

Written by Prabuddha S Raychaudhuri

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Mathematically speaking, Keyword Density isrepparttar ratio ofrepparttar 127958 total number of time a keyword is repeated divided byrepparttar 127959 total content words. Since KD is normally represented in percentage,repparttar 127960 above figure is to be multiplied by 100

For example, if you have developed a web page of around 250 words onrepparttar 127961 keyword “search engine optimization”, and that particular keyword (search engine optimization) is repeated 10 times, then Keyword Density (KD) = 10/250 * 100 = 4%

As a thumb rule, Keyword Density of an optimized page for top search engine rankings should vary between 2 – 7 % (this figure varies among different search engines)

4. Submission of Keyword-enriched optimized pages – After you have finished content development forrepparttar 127962 optimized pages based onrepparttar 127963 keywords targeted for top search engine rankings, submit those pages to various search engines.

a. Google -

b. AlltheWeb -

c. AltaVista -

d. MSN -

5. Role of Link Popularity in top search engine rankings –

Link popularity has assumed tremendous importance for getting good ranks in Google now a days. In fact, what started as a friendly reciprocal link exchange program among various webmasters has now become a sub-industry withinrepparttar 127964 SEO industry itself, with thousands of link farms popping up every day! Yes, if you are interested in getting top ranks in search engines, especially Google, then you must pay effort in building up links for your site.

a. Create a html page, preferably named as “Resources/Links/Partners” and place a link of this page from Index Page of your site. This page should never be more than 1 click away fromrepparttar 127965 index page of your site, else webmasters won’t be interested in participating inrepparttar 127966 reciprocal link exchange program.

b. Target both “industry-related” and “non-industry-related” websites as your link exchange partners. For example, if you are providing outsourcing services, then try getting links from “industry-related websites (i.e. websites dealing with outsourcing services, maybe your business rivals!). This is important, because if 10 of your rival sites give links to your site, then Google will surely pay importance to your site, because getting links from rival companies are difficult. Your site MUST be of some high caliber, elserepparttar 127967 other 10 sites won’t have linked! Also, try procuring links from top ranked general informative websites as well.

c. Always exchange links with websites which have high Google PageRank (PR) of at least 4,repparttar 127968 morerepparttar 127969 better! (both Index Page as well as Resources/Links Page ofrepparttar 127970 Link Partner’s site should have PRs of >=4) [PageRank is a proprietary tool that Google uses to determinerepparttar 127971 importance of a page and varies in a scale of 0 (least important) to 10 (maximum importance)].

d. Have a link code ready for participating in link exchange program. Here is a sample link code for an India-based Outsourcing consultant.

- Indian outsourcing consultant providing guidance to companies willing to set up outsourcing centers in India.

Always prefer a text link (as given above) in comparison to a banner link, where your chance of Google and other search engine spiders findingrepparttar 127972 potential keywords is limited only torepparttar 127973 “alt tag” ofrepparttar 127974 banner. Also, Google pays importance torepparttar 127975 text ofrepparttar 127976 incoming link/anchor text (i.e.repparttar 127977 incoming link text must contain high potential, relevant keywords), so develop a link text with title (”indian outsourcing consultant“) which will help you in Google Ranking.

e. Refrain from javascript link code because Google spider finds it difficult to index.

Key SEO Factors

· Targetingrepparttar 127978 right keywords for your website · Title of your webpage · Description Meta tag of your webpage · Keywords Meta tag of your webpage · Quality, Informative Content · Link Popularity

Conclusion -

With Google’s numero uno position inrepparttar 127979 search engine market being threatened by arch-rivals Yahoo! [bought Overture,repparttar 127980 largest PPC search engine recently, who in turn bought Altavista and Alltheweb] and Microsoft’s MSN [believed to be developing its own search engine], it is no doubt thatrepparttar 127981 search engine industry is going to experience tremendous changes inrepparttar 127982 next few months. The recent Google “Florida” Update is just one ofrepparttar 127983 many upheavals that we may be witnessing in an industry whererepparttar 127984 only constant factor isrepparttar 127985 “change”. However,repparttar 127986 various techniques outlined in this paper are basic and are we believe that following them you will be able to achieve top 10 ranks in Google and other search engines.

Prabuddha S Raychaudhuri is the Founder & CEO of Search Engine Optimization Guru Pvt. Ltd. ( Services include Top 10 Google and other search engines rankings, Pay Per Click (PPC) targeted traffic campaign, Paid Listing Management, Keyword Advertizing. Prabuddha holds a Bachelor Of Engineering (B.E.) in Construction Engineering and can be contacted at

A Tip for Finding Willing, Quality Links

Written by TC Thorn

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Step 1: Do a Google search for your target keywords. Step 2: Visitrepparttar highest ranking sites, and use Google Toolbar to check their back links. Step 3: Ask for links fromrepparttar 127957 sites that appear inrepparttar 127958 back links.

Simple, hunh? What this does for you is thus: gets you in contact with people who are willing to exchange links with sites in your keyword area, and perhaps more importantly, gets you in contact with sites that have a high enough PageRank to appear in Google's back links (typically, only PageRank 4 sites and above appear here).

This should help you findrepparttar 127959 links that can truly help you, and it should cut down on your wasted link hunting time. Now, don't you have some links to find?

TC Thorn makes a living from advertising and affiliate programs. This article first appeared at Webmaster Articles. It may be reprinted so long as it is not altered and the link is included.

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