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Written by Ashley Russell

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If you will build all your pages accordingly to all this basic tips, fromrepparttar off-site optimization point of view, your pages will be optimizedrepparttar 143815 way they should.

Although some engines still pay attention torepparttar 143816 on-site optimization, what you need to do to achieve high rankings is a great link building campaign, also known as off-site optimization.

We all knowrepparttar 143817 importance of inbound links for high rankings, but search engines algorithms evolved so much that it's not only importantrepparttar 143818 number of links. Algorithms will take in consideration many other factors such as ifrepparttar 143819 link your site receive it's an one way link or reciprocal link.

Almost all webmasters have only campaigns to build as many reciprocal links, which is wrong, because search engines recognizes them and gives them very little importance.

If you want to be one big step ahead of your competition you have to build as many one way links as you can. One way links have a very big impact on rankings. The algos will analyzerepparttar 143820 page from which you receiverepparttar 143821 link too. The best links you can create are from pages that are themselves optimized for your keywords/keyphrases.

The best and easy way to do this is writing and submitting optimized topical articles to articles banks overrepparttar 143822 Internet. Along with your article, you will include a short bio about yourself where you can place your website URL.

There are many places, like , where you can submit your articles in order to create many one way links with only one article. If you will write and submit one article per week you will have a great link building campaign for your site.

Because 42% to 86% of websites are found through search engines and there are over 300 million searches carried out per day, every day your website needs a good search engine optimization. If you will apply allrepparttar 143823 things I've outlined in this article, you just can't fail.

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Philbert & Lenny the Redneck Experts of write an Article

Written by Philbert & Lenny

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Lenny: Git R Done Philbert: Those should work just fine for our SEO Website. Lenny: Content is always key, so let’s just start typing and we can edit later. Philbert: Sorepparttar title will be. “If you are Hunting & Fishing with your Hound dog by your side, a can of beer in one hand and a cigarette inrepparttar 143814 other, watching Nascar as Jr roundsrepparttar 143815 bend, listening to Free bird you can still Create SEO Articles.” Lenny: You are Da Man! Philbert: About a paragraph should do for content. Lenny: Here’s what I got so far: “Even if you are out inrepparttar 143816 woods on your laptop with an AOL connection of 24kbs, Fishing and Hunting, listening to free bird while watching NASCAR you can still be an SEO and write an article.” Philbert: Perfect. Time to submit torepparttar 143817 article submission place. Lenny: You know any? Philbert: I thought you did. Lenny: Hummm, how do we find out? Philbert: No clue. Lenny: Well I guess we will have to wait, hand me another beer.

So Philbert & Lenny never did get their Awesome SEO Article published, but they caught some fish, polished off a case of beer and listened to Free Bird repeatedly.

Philbert & Lenny

Resident SEO Redneck Experts.

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