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The site is listed in Google if you type in 'morehitsmoreincome'

My first 4 keyword are: morehitsmoreincome,more hits more income, business o.pportunity leads,p.rofit leads.

I could probably have used a better keyword for this site actually, as you can imagine not a lot of people will be typing that keyword into a search engine, but you getrepparttar idea. I've used this same idea for several other a.ffiliate programs and have had some really good results so far!!

There are all sorts of interesting things about keywords that you find out about, for instance, inrepparttar 127991 metatag keywords you don't need a space after a comma, and you should only repeat your main keyword a maximum of 5 times.....isn't that interesting?

There are many more 'tweaks' to optimise your page forrepparttar 127992 engines like apparently Yahoo like you to have a contact address onrepparttar 127993 page. alt tag descriptions in images, and page layout....

If you want an in depth email course that will teach yourepparttar 127994 very best way to optimise your site and give you some tools to help with your keywords, I recommend Sumantra Roy:

You'll see a little subscribe box onrepparttar 127995 right ofrepparttar 127996 page which will startrepparttar 127997 5 part email course.

-------------------------------------------------------- Justin Horth isrepparttar 127998 publisher of "AcewebZine, Internet and Network Marketing Newlsetter" He has helped many individuals succeed online. Visit his site to find out how you can get a free consultation. or -----------------------------------------------------------

Justin Horth is the publisher of "AcewebZine, Internet and Network Marketing Newlsetter" He has helped many individuals succeed online. Visit his site to find out how you can get a free consultation. or

6 Quick Questions to Stop Wasting Money with SEO Companies in less than 7 minutes

Written by Rodney C. Boettger

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Keywords need to be laser focused to your target market.

Think about what your product or service solves. Target customer benefits not features of your product.

More is better. This is definitelyrepparttar case when dealing with Google Adwords where you want 100-400 keywords per campaign.

Why play inrepparttar 127990 pool with allrepparttar 127991 high volume, high dollar feature players, when you can have your own pond full of hungry benefit driven customers.

Remember that not all SEO companies operate like this, however here are a few things to find out before you give an SEO your business.

1. What specifically doesrepparttar 127992 initial fee cover?

2. Do you use PPC advertising to meetrepparttar 127993 "guaranteed top 10 ranking" ? And if so are additional monies needed?

3. Do you build original pages and hand submit them torepparttar 127994 search engines? If so what is your guarantee based on? Do you continue to revise these pages untilrepparttar 127995 desired result is obtained?

4. How extensive is your keyword research? Do you have a limit as to how many words you optimize for? Is this limit based onrepparttar 127996 type of advertising medium used?

5. How do you track and test your results?

6. How do you make this a risk free deal for me? In other words if they don't perform you don't pay.


When advertising it is very hard to make any type of guarantee unless you are paying forrepparttar 127997 result up front.

However you can acheive massive success when you have specific goals for your ads and follow a process of constant tweaking and testing.

You now have no excuse to ever be a willing victim torepparttar 127998 handful of SEO's that prey onrepparttar 127999 unknowing.

Take this information and use it to explode your business.

Pay for performance marketing specialist. Working with various industries to market their products and services through performance based result driven marketing.

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