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Written by Michael A. Domeck

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Go to your site and decide on what page and where on that page you wantrepparttar feed to be placed. If you are using justrepparttar 128261 link then writerepparttar 128262 “url” link information. Cut and paste, or upload,repparttar 128263 link to your site. Remember with this option your visitors will have to “click” onrepparttar 128264 link to seerepparttar 128265 information and it will be in a new window AND they have left your site temporarily.

I recommendrepparttar 128266 JavaScript code as it is more dynamic andrepparttar 128267 visitor can “read”repparttar 128268 news on your page without “clicking” anything OR leaving your site! If you want to userepparttar 128269 JavaScript simply cut and pasterepparttar 128270 code torepparttar 128271 area on your page where you want it to appear and save it. If you are using Front Page, or DreamWeaver, to write your own pages, then you should already know how to insert new code into your pages.

This feed is changed every 12 hours, sometimes more often. The great part is your visitors do not need any special “readers”, etc. to read this information. And, like I said it, is extremely relevant, and free content, for your site. The best of BOTH worlds!

You Deserve Success,

Michael Domeck www.The-Best-Light-Houses.Com www.NetBizOps.Com

As a comunications and data consultant Mr. Domeck has helped many clients over the past 10 years build websites. Getting good Search Engine rankings has been his specialty. By testing, literally hundreds of methods, he has developed several methods that even newbies can use to get good rankings for their websites.

How and Why Reverse Linking Will Help Your Rankinks

Written by Michael A. Domeck

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Best Practices for Reverse Linking

Here are some important considerations to make regarding how to organize those new outbound links for maximum benefit. The absolutely most important thing is to create a "Resources Page". Call it a "Resources Page", or "Additional Resources", or something similar, rather than a "Links Page". This is not only for a better consideration byrepparttar search engine but also for your visitors.

Placingrepparttar 128260 majority of these reverse (outbound) links on their own page avoids affectingrepparttar 128261 optimization and search engine considerations ofrepparttar 128262 rest of your website. It also gives you a "page" to place all those new links on as they come in.

Each outbound link should look something likerepparttar 128263 following example linked from a lighthouse web site: "Forrepparttar 128264 enthusiast this collection of unique nautical gifts is truly in a class by itself. They offer magnificently handcrafted nautical coin jewelry." The link ('Custom Nautical Jewelry') opens in a new window whenrepparttar 128265 visitor clicks on it.

Each link should have a descriptive text within it (notrepparttar 128266 ambiguous "click here") and there should be a high quality description ofrepparttar 128267 web site just belowrepparttar 128268 link (remember presell'). If you don't know what to include asrepparttar 128269 description, just askrepparttar 128270 site owner, they are often very pleased that you are putting so much care intorepparttar 128271 a link to their site. If you are luckyrepparttar 128272 webmaster might even suggest a reciprocal link - but let them suggest it - you do NOT suggest it.

Very Important note- Remember to have these outbound links open in a new window. If you are usingrepparttar 128273 SiteBuildIt format, as opposed to uploading your own pages, then userepparttar 128274 traffic link tool and check "Open in an new window". I am appalled atrepparttar 128275 number of websites that don't do this (Yes, I have messed up and donerepparttar 128276 same thing without thinking). You must keeprepparttar 128277 visitor in your site, even if your site is now in a browser beneathrepparttar 128278 one being viewed. You have a much higher chance, by an overwhelming 100 to 1 thatrepparttar 128279 visitor will actually return to your site this way. If they leave your site, because they have clicked on one of those outbound links, then you probably want get them back since they have completely left your site.

By putting these practices into place you will shortenrepparttar 128280 time it takes forrepparttar 128281 major search engines to spider your site. But first you still have to build a content rich site and use SiteBuildIt's Analyze tool to optimize those web pages. The strategy I have provided gives your visitors even more valuable content forrepparttar 128282 search terms they are entering. Link building isrepparttar 128283 icing but withoutrepparttar 128284 cake 9a content rich. SE friendly site) it amounts to nothing.

Michael Domeck

The author has been working in Communications and Web development for over 15 years. He has purposely stayed away from the fancy graphics, php, cgi and Flash programming methods used on many sites. By keeping his websites simple he has constantly had his, and his clients, websites rated high in the Search Engines using the KISS method.

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