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Written by Karl Ribas

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There are, of course, solutions to this that will appease bothrepparttar website designer and search engine optimizer. As a suggestion, consider using standard rollovers and/or CSS formatting to develop a graphically pleasing navigation menu. Unlike most JavaScript menus, neither standard rollovers nor CSS will "hide" your website's links, allowing search engines to freely crawl and index your websites pages.

If a JavaScript navigation menu is truly needed to attainrepparttar 136235 desired look and feel of your website, than consider adding text-based links elsewhere on your website's pages, such asrepparttar 136236 bottom. Bottom navigation schemes consisting of text-based links are becoming very common now-a-days, as they ultimately provide your website's visitors, and search engines, with another source for navigating. Another suggestion would be to develop and allow access to a sitemap containing all of your website's pages.

Flash vs. HTML - Flash is a pain inrepparttar 136237 sides of all SEO consultants... but it doesn't have to be. It is possible to mix Flash with HTML to create a search engine friendly website that still allows for a rich media experience.

My suggestion for when developing a website using Flash is to create separate pages, those in Flash andrepparttar 136238 others in HTML. Not only will you be giving your website's visitors a choice of which version he or she would like to view (which most will appreciate), but you will also be giving your websiterepparttar 136239 chance to be indexed and ranked through your HTML versions. A very good compromise if you ask me.

Dynamic Websites - Depending on how your particular system is configured and how your website's dynamic pages are created,repparttar 136240 use of dynamic websites can either be a great thing or a very terrible thing. Because dynamic web pages are data-based driven and are created onrepparttar 136241 fly, they are usually assigned URLs containing very large and strange looking parameters. These parameters, amongst other reasons, are needed in order to sort products and generate a central navigation for your website's visitors. Atrepparttar 136242 same time, these parameters make it very difficult for many search engines to crawl, follow, or index your website's pages.

My suggestion to this problem is to consult with your development team, and your search engine marketing consultant, and have them consider developing your content management system using either ASP (Active Server Pages) or CFM (Cold Fusion). Either one of these "dynamic scripting languages" hasrepparttar 136243 possibility of convertingrepparttar 136244 URL's query string from "?" (which will usually stop a search engine from indexingrepparttar 136245 page) into "/". This process, and a few others, maybe all that is needed in order to give your dynamically driven web pagesrepparttar 136246 opportunity to be indexed.

In my experience, designers who understand these and other common search engine friendly design issues are perfectly capable of designing around them, without sacrificing their design or future search engine rankings. As long asrepparttar 136247 designer and search engine optimizer come together inrepparttar 136248 very beginning, as opposed to afterrepparttar 136249 website has been created, than finding a compromising solution to each of their needs should not be a problem.

I am a search engine marketing consultant and I have been developing, maintaining, and successfully ranking websites since 2003.

I am primarily focused on not only helping others to develop their own search-marketing campaigns, but Iíve also been consulting and educating them along the way.

Banned from Google and Wondering Why?

Written by Matt Colyer

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5) Linking to bad neighborhoods Bad neighborhoods are designed to increase your Web site's ranking or is Web site's using Spam techniques to increase search engine ranking. You should not link to any Web page that uses Spam techniques to increase ranking. You also should not join link exchanges that are designed to improve ranking or Page Rank. If you are not aware of linking to any Web site like this, you should check each outbound link on your Web site.

6) Buying links for Search engine ranking This where a Web site owner buys links just to increase his or her ranking. This is also used to increase Page Rank. Google and other search engines still have a hard to detect this, but they are starting to catch on to this technique. If Google is aware ofrepparttar site, they can just discountrepparttar 136162 Page Rank, so they can't pass Page Rank on.

7) Machine Generated Web sites This is a site that generates hundreds of web pages that are basicallyrepparttar 136163 same page repeated hundreds or thousands of times, but with a few unique lines of text and unique title. Often times, search engines can't spot this, if done right byrepparttar 136164 site owner. However, if a spider doesn't spot your machine generated Web pages, a competitor might find it and report your Web site.

What to do after you are Spam clean? Once you have cleaned up your Web site, you can try contacting Google by visiting Tell them that you made a mistake and won't do it again. Even if you do contact Google, they most likely won't let your Web site back in and if you happen to get back in, you better keep your Web site squeaky clean because I doubt you will get other chance.

If you can't get in touch with Google, I suggest that you wait for a few months after Google's spider visits your Web site and see if you get your ranking back or at least where you can see that your ranking is going up inrepparttar 136165 search results. During this time you should not change your Web site around much and giverepparttar 136166 search engines time to spider your Web site.

I really don't think that many Web sites have dropped because Google is penalizing them. Instead, I think Google has changedrepparttar 136167 factors or adds more weight to a factor(s) that they use to rank Web sites inrepparttar 136168 search results. All search engines make periodic changes torepparttar 136169 way they rank Web sites inrepparttar 136170 search results, so don't be surprised if one week you rank number one andrepparttar 136171 next week you rank 30TH.

Matt Colyer began as a SEO Specialist in 1997. He founded Superior Webmaster in 2004 as a source of articles and tutorials for Web site owners looking to improve their Web site.

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