Seagul eye

Written by K.S. Fellow

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Feathers fly like bird sweat inrepparttar fight between two for food and power, yet they will never understand how it feels to be hugged by another, to taste another's bitter sadness in your mouth and to seep inrepparttar 144287 fellow otherís joy that radiates from their eyes so deep. The birds eyes are round and black, like cold little pebbles, that can only see whatís solid and ready. The manís eyes are swollen with thought, pupils wide and color striking, wet and wondering, memories that never leave, and worries of time to come for his soul. Worries of destruction of his will andrepparttar 144288 burning pot that all seem to wish to place him in. Greater then millions of birds, ten million, so many, greater is one man thenrepparttar 144289 fate of many birds, and so much greater isrepparttar 144290 love that is harbored unselfish, greater then any animal that creeps or any fish that far greater is him.

Author-summer Downs

May we always have old memories and young hopes Mythology info

Road Rider's Dreams

Written by K.S. Fellow

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a slit mouth where it breaths. Breaths in country air, and night yarns of those tired and frail. The long lean being that glimpses about along siderepparttar shrouded country roads. Pale hidden faces, grown to knowrepparttar 144286 face of those short rested,repparttar 144287 traveler that feedsrepparttar 144288 creatures byrepparttar 144289 reeds. No, one knows ofrepparttar 144290 things that creep unnamed, on feet ofrepparttar 144291 road riderís dreams.

-summer downs

Lover of classical music, and reading is a great passion of mine, My fav author would still have to be my child hood fav JRR tolkin. Mythology info

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