Scuba Diving the Philippines is impressive, varied and spectacular.

Written by Brett Jankowiak

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Pristine reef diving. Exhilarating drift diving. Big pelagic fish action. World War II wrecks to be discovered. Fantastic wall diving. Muck diving for those who like macro photography. Deep diving. Coral Gardens. Night Diving. Swim throughs and caves. Technical diving. Soft coral spectaculars.

The majority of dives are conducted by boat, usually a very short trip from your resort. If you are not diving from a boat you can generally find fantastic reefs right in front of your resort, nice and easy shore diving. Forrepparttar ultimate experience, live aboard dive vessels can also take you to areas seldom if ever visited by scuba divers, this isrepparttar 143529 ultimate experience.

Diving Philippines Ė What will I see Underwater?

The list is too big to try and let you know what you will see underwater, but I will tell you aboutrepparttar 143530 marine life you will definitely see underwater. The marine life is exceptionally abundant, from rare nudibrachs to a high density ofrepparttar 143531 27 species of clownfish or Amphiprion Sp., not to mentionrepparttar 143532 gregarious colours ofrepparttar 143533 soft corals andrepparttar 143534 vibrancy ofrepparttar 143535 hard corals. If big fish are an attraction, then schooling barracudas, sweetlips, Thresher and Hammerhead Sharks will not disappoint you. The biggest fish inrepparttar 143536 world also frequents Philippine waters,repparttar 143537 mighty Whale Shark. Even mammals are widely seen, both dolphins and dugongs.

Diving Philippines gives you so many options that every dive will be different and mind blowing, even if it is atrepparttar 143538 same dive site!

Note: The Philippines has had itís fair share of dynamite fishing and cyanide poisoning. This is slowly being pushed out, as more Filipinos recognize a better future in tourism dollars. Cyanide poisoning is used for capturing fish for marine aquarium enthusiasts. This practice is being addressed byrepparttar 143539 Marine Aquarium Council in conjunction with Philippine Authorities, who are training local fisherman inrepparttar 143540 use of ecological net catching of small fish. They are also teaching good husbandry techniques forrepparttar 143541 sustainability of this industry.

Diving Philippines is everything and more you want it to be. Your expectations will be met and driven further than you thought possible,repparttar 143542 possibilities are endless.

Brett Jankowiak is the owner of, Philippines Travel Guide, his passion for the Philippines and scuba diving is reflected in his writings and articles on his information based website.

Philippines Surfing if you want to miss the crowds.

Written by Brett Jankowiak

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The west coast ofrepparttar Philippines is more inconsistent thanrepparttar 143528 east coast, it relies onrepparttar 143529 winds throughrepparttar 143530 Taiwan Straights duringrepparttar 143531 north east monsoon. This wind created swell hitsrepparttar 143532 west coast of Luzon. The swell can also be really good whenrepparttar 143533 odd typhoon heads towards Hong Kong. The swell that hits Palawan can be hard to pick, but you are guaranteed to have fantastic waves if you leave your surf board at home, typically if you bring itrepparttar 143534 surf will be flat!

So when isrepparttar 143535 best time to go surfing inrepparttar 143536 Philippines? Well your best to tryrepparttar 143537 east coast duringrepparttar 143538 north east monsoon. But like everywhere surfingrepparttar 143539 Philippines is inconsistent, however on itís good day, totally unforgettable.

Where To Go Surfing
Philippines, most popular surfing spots are:

1. Baler, Aurora Province. East coast of Luzon 2. Catanduanes, Island province off east coast of Luzon. 3. Daet, Camarines Norte Province. East coast of Luzon 4. La Union Province. West coast of Luzon. 5. Samar,repparttar 143541 east coast of Samar Island 6. Siargao Island, north east of Mindanao 7. Vigan, Ilocos Sur Province, west coast of Northern Luzon. 8. Zambales Province. West coast of Luzon.

Philippines surfing has many spots that catch waves, true sometimes you may need to be a bit lucky. Your access to waves is really only limited by your own imagination and how keen you are to head offrepparttar 143542 beaten track.

Brett Jankowiak is the owner of, Philippines Travel Guide, his passion for the Philippines and surfing is reflected in his writings and articles on his information based website.

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