Script Mechanics—Suggestions for Writing Effective Voiceover Copy

Written by Peter Drew

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when typed or written out, is

one-eight-six-oh, two-nine-one, nine-four-seven-six.

You can see how longrepparttar line really is whenrepparttar 108074 numbers are spelled out. Then, after you’re ready to print your final draft, convertrepparttar 108075 words back to numbers.

Write forrepparttar 108076 ear, notrepparttar 108077 eye. Construct short, conversational sentences, with natural breaks for taking a breath. This is especially helpful to narrators when they voice technical or medical copy, which contains large, complicated, and difficult-to-pronounce terms.

Read your copy out loud, just as you intendrepparttar 108078 voice talent to read it, and time it. Then adjust your copy accordingly for timing.

Try to write inrepparttar 108079 active voice, not passive voice. This is a passive construction: “When writing a script, be sure you’re saying some exciting things, or else you’ll be losingrepparttar 108080 attention ofrepparttar 108081 listener.” Instead, userepparttar 108082 active voice, structured something like this: “When you write a script, say something exciting, or you’ll loserepparttar 108083 listener’s attention.” Active voice is more conversational and easier forrepparttar 108084 ear and mind to follow.

Happy writing!

© Peter Drew, February 2004

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What Is Blogging?

Written by Kara Kelso & Anita DeFrank

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You have your blog set up, but how do you get visitors to it and get them comming back? Along with general advertising, here are a few more ideas:

1) Directories There are many directories that you can submit your blog to such as ( ) To find more simply do a search for blog directories.

2) Link Exchange Place links on your website to your blog and visa versa.

3) Syndicate Your Blog For example you can now give your visitorsrepparttar option of having your blog headlines right on their MyYahoo! Page. (example - ) This makes it much simpler for your readers to quickly skimrepparttar 108073 topic headlines and an added benefit to yourepparttar 108074 blogger to keep your visitors up to date.

You also haverepparttar 108075 choice of letting your readers comments on your blog. Most services have these features and can be a great tool to keep your blog interactive between you and your readers.

With allrepparttar 108076 spam filters and spam blockers available or sometimes even automatically installed in email programs, it’s getting harder every day to keep in constant contact with your visitors/customers and/or clients. Blogs have shed some new light in this aspect giving you a better way to communicate.

Most blog services are very user friendly. If you can run simple programs such as MSWord or Word Perfect then you haverepparttar 108077 knowledge to maintain your own blog. There’s no need to even have html knowledge. In essence, anyone can have his or her own blog.

Happy Blogging!

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Kara Kelso and Anita DeFrank are the owners of Mommy's Helper - Mom's Market Ezine ( ), an ezine for work at home moms. You can read their business blog at:

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