Screwed: Is this an inevitability in the SEO World?

Written by Courtney Heard

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Submission is not necessary and does not guarantee inclusion in our index. Givenrepparttar large number of sites submitting URLs, it's likely your pages will be found in an automatic crawl before they make it into our index throughrepparttar 138529 URL submission form. We DO NOT add all submitted URLs to our index, and cannot predict when or if they will appear.” -

“Meta tags are not important anymore”

Sure they aren’t. If you don’t want a decent ranking on MSN. The new MSN search places a lot of value onrepparttar 138530 keywords and description meta tags. Without these tags in your site’s code, your ranking on MSN will suffer. Just as importantly, if your keywords and description meta tags don’t use proper language, your rankings will suffer. The description tag is also what MSN uses asrepparttar 138531 visible description for a site inrepparttar 138532 search results. And of course, to prove I’m notrepparttar 138533 one blowing hot air, here is what MSN themselves say about it:

“Site descriptions are extracted fromrepparttar 138534 content of your page each time MSNBot crawls your site and indexes its pages...

...the best way to affect your site description is to ensure that your web pages effectively deliverrepparttar 138535 information you want to see in search results.” - Click here to seerepparttar 138536 page this is found on.

“Your Web Site Has Been Sabotaged”

This one is truly unreal. I can’t believe it’s even been used as an excuse for why an SEO company hasn’t achieved decent rankings for you. But alas, more than one SEO company has told potential clients of ours thatrepparttar 138537 reason they are not ranking well, or why their search engine optimization campaign is not effective, is because someone else has been sabotagingrepparttar 138538 site. Some ofrepparttar 138539 clients who have been told this are small businesses, like bed and breakfasts or pet sitters. We always explain to these potential clients thatrepparttar 138540 likelihood of someone even havingrepparttar 138541 initial idea to sabotage a web site,repparttar 138542 site in question would have to be a fairly large one, andrepparttar 138543 target of a lot of hatred. Why? Because sabotaging a web site’s rankings takes a massive amount of time and energy. We’re talking months, maybe even years of hard, hard work. Why would anyone devote months or years of their life to taking down a pet sitting site? Or a bed and breakfast?

Once again, these are some hefty claims and it is a clear sign thatrepparttar 138544 company who is running your SEO campaign is unwilling to be held accountable for their actions or lack thereof.

Don’t Put Up With It.

The bottom line is, your search engine optimization company works for you. You are paying them. Hold them accountable as you would any other vendor. Keep reading these articles, read info atrepparttar 138545 search engines, educate yourself and if something your SEO says smells a little rotten, don’t be afraid to call them on it.

Is being screwed an inevitability inrepparttar 138546 SEO world? Damn near. But thanks torepparttar 138547 increasing interest of our consumers in self-education and their increased questioning, our industry will slowly climb out ofrepparttar 138548 gutter and someday downrepparttar 138549 line, send this article into antiquity. In spite of my pride, I’d be overjoyed to see that day come.

Courtney Heard is the founder of Abalone Designs, a search engine optimization company in Vancouver, Canada. She has been involved in web development and marketing since 1995 and has helped start several businesses since then in the Vancouver area. More of Courtney's articles are available at

The Business Case for SEO

Written by Scott Smigler

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There’s another advantage to traditional search listings. They are considered unbiased and non-commercial. Traditional search performs very well at certain points inrepparttar buying process. When consumers are gathering information about a purchase, they show a marked preference for traditional search listings. When they are ready to buy online, they seem to have less bias against paid placement listings and their likelihood to click on one of these listings increases.

The Dollars and Cents of SEO

Perhapsrepparttar 138528 most compelling reason not to exclude SEO from your online marketing strategy comes down to dollars and cents. In an attempt to quantifyrepparttar 138529 business case for SEO I have gone back and done some analysis on three recent SEO engagements andrepparttar 138530 results they achieved. I chose ecommerce clients that we had optimized and reviewed their average sales before and after SEO was implemented. In two ofrepparttar 138531 situationsrepparttar 138532 only change made wasrepparttar 138533 optimization ofrepparttar 138534 site. In anotherrepparttar 138535 optimization occurred atrepparttar 138536 same time we implemented a PPC campaign. Inrepparttar 138537 first two casesrepparttar 138538 store sales rose 64% and 75% afterrepparttar 138539 SEO was implemented. Inrepparttar 138540 third caserepparttar 138541 store revenue actually went up a staggering 169%, but if you back outrepparttar 138542 sales that were a result ofrepparttar 138543 PPC campaign,repparttar 138544 store revenue that could be attributed to SEO improved by 49%. In other words,repparttar 138545 average improvement in store revenue that was apparently due to SEO was 62%.

Can we be sure that all of this was a result of SEO? No. There could have been product, seasonal and other effects that contributed. But I think it's safe to say that there was a significant increase that resulted directly fromrepparttar 138546 SEO. The bottom line: search optimization has a real and measurable impact on traffic, conversions and revenue (or lead generation) improvement. Given that these clicks begin to approach “free” after amortizingrepparttar 138547 cost of SEO over time,repparttar 138548 ROI for SEO is compelling. Added torepparttar 138549 branding benefits no marketer or business owner should doubtrepparttar 138550 value of search engine optimization.

Scott Smigler has been an evangelist for a serious, ROI-based focus on the online channel since he founded Exclusive Concepts ( in 1997. Exclusive Concepts provides integrated online marketing strategies, Internet brand consulting, search engine marketing campaigns and results-oriented web sites for hundreds of clients that range in size from small ecommerce firms to public companies.

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