Scrapbooking the Dizzying Movies of Toddlers

Written by Fion Lim

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E) "Special and Unique Me"

Toddlers are shaped by their environments in addition to their heredity character traits. By noting down your kid's preferences and reactions to people, things and events, you'll get hints of his or her uniqueness. Scrapbooking these evolving personality traits would documentrepparttar rapid development of your child as a unique individual. Photos showing your child caught in various expressions or unguarded moments will revealrepparttar 136415 different sides of your kid. A child's personality is like a canvas, painted in many different colors and shades.

F) "Play is Serious Business"

With bountiful supply of pure energy, your toddler probably reminds you of an object in constant motion. Capture a series of such motions in a single play day, or gather a series of photos of your toddler playing different games and activities. The work of a child is not to earn, but to play. Playing with others atrepparttar 136416 playground, figuring out how to workrepparttar 136417 computer, stacking up building blocks, creating first piece of artwork, play is serious business to toddlers. These scrapbook pages will revealrepparttar 136418 creative workings of your child's mind.

G) "There's Family and Friends Too"

Family and friends are influential presences in a toddler's life. Documentingrepparttar 136419 special relationships or moments your toddler has with others, will remind him or her of how much he or she is loved by others. As grandma's little kitchen helper in baking cookies, as an earnest student of grandpa's on star constellations, a loving big brother hugging baby sister, all these speaks of love in abundance. Evenrepparttar 136420 innocent hand-holding and sweet hugs exchanged between inseparable friends are touching moments forrepparttar 136421 pages.

H) "Wild Wild World Out There"

Funny how toddlers will make us voluntarily go places that we haven't been to in ages. It's like reliving our own childhood, throughrepparttar 136422 eyes of our toddlers. Playing sand atrepparttar 136423 beach, memorable trip torepparttar 136424 zoo, magical moments atrepparttar 136425 theme park, amazement atrepparttar 136426 circus stunts, and even travels to other states. A toddler would love to know where inrepparttar 136427 world had they been when they're grown up. So add these to your scrapbook pages as well.

As always, there's heaps of toddler's "movies" you can scrapbook about. Potty training, bathing time, zonking out moments, make-up session and pretend-playing, all these are themes you can gleefully dig into. Time to get imaginative!

Happy scrapping about toddler's movies!

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Scrapbooking Resources on the Internet

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Continued from page 1 This isrepparttar place where my sister-in-law gets all of her supplies. Inrepparttar 136414 area where we live she goes to a consultant who hosts scrap booking workshops and other scrap booking events. I highly recommend this one. This site, done byrepparttar 136415 Better Homes and Gardens magazine provides a glossary of scrap booking terms, ideas, journaling,etc.

By researching scrap booking I have found that this is a very pleasurable activity that can involverepparttar 136416 whole family. So gather all of those photo albums and start putting memories with those photos.

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