Scrapbooking Yourself as a Girl, Youth and Your College Days

Written by Fion Lim

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Many of us started to feel pretty grown up and liberatedrepparttar moment we hit 18. Suddenly,repparttar 141436 time between 18 and 24 slipped away so fast and before you knew it,repparttar 141437 realization hit you that youth is neither forever nor eternal. And you swallowed a little and facedrepparttar 141438 truth, that there's another bout of growing up to deal with in adulthood.

Some of your most liberating, bittersweet, and confusing experiences might have taken place during your youthful days.

So get out your scrapbooking supplies and let's scrapbook them!

  • What's your favorite subjects, teacher, and activities at school? Favorite hangouts? Any teacher or classmate from hell?

  • What'srepparttar 141439 challenges you faced in college? What's your best memories then?

  • Did you live on or off campus? How's campus life like for you?

  • Did you move out of your parentsí home? Whom did you move in with? And how's life living without your family? How did you cope?

  • Did you meet your sweetheart, partner/spouse then? What did you normally do on dates? What's your thoughts about relationships then?

  • Did you feel that your life revolved around your friends then? Who's your buddies and what happened to those friendships? What have you learned about friendship?

  • What's your studying habits like? Food you ate, music you listened to, things you did to help you de-stress?

  • What's your dressing style like? Any horrifying fashion mistakes that look hilarious now?

  • Did you take on part-time jobs during those days? What interesting lessons did you learn about being an employee?

  • If you chose not to attend college, why? How did this decision impact your life? What jobs did you take on thereafter? How's your attitude being a young working adult? What's your job duties?

  • How did you see yourself then? What traits would you use to describe yourself? How did you want others to see you as?

  • What opportunities did you miss? Any regrets? Were there things you wished you could change? How did you move on?

  • What life-changing events did you go through? What'srepparttar 141440 biggest lessons you've learned and how these lessons changed your life?

  • Did your childhood dreams evolve into something entirely different? What's your dreams at this stage? What actions did you take to accomplish them? Are you still holding onto these dreams now?

    Not only will these scrapbook themes write outrepparttar 141441 early phases of your life story, these scrapbook pages will fill you up with a sense of certainty. The pages will remind you that you have more living to do, and leave behind a legacy of who you are to your loved ones and your future generations.

    Isn't this similar to publishing your own personal triumphs, tears and joy to others who wants to know more about you?

    For more ideas on scrapbooking about yourself as an adult, look out for my article "Scrapbooking Yourself as an Individual, Homemaker, Worker and More".

    Happy scrapping!

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  • Heriatge Scrapbook Album Themes

    Written by Your Family Legacy

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    Geography: No, this is not a test! In times past, many of our families tended to live inrepparttar same community. Clustering is probablyrepparttar 141264 right word. Although a bit more challenging, create an album of their residences. Where did they live? Inrepparttar 141265 city? On a farm? While it may not be possible to showrepparttar 141266 actual house, it is possible to get a picture ofrepparttar 141267 location. Include a copy of a map from an atlas ofrepparttar 141268 time showing exactly where they lived, along with picture and/or biography ofrepparttar 141269 family. Again, include stories or recollections if available. As inrepparttar 141270 "Occupation" album, describe a typical day for a family in that time period. What wererepparttar 141271 major social influences ofrepparttar 141272 time? I remember grandma talking aboutrepparttar 141273 flu epidemic inrepparttar 141274 early 1900s causing many to be fearful to leave their house.

    Potpourri: - Create an album of your favorite women or men. Tell a bit about them and why they're a favorite. - How about an album of family traditions, stories and folklore? Don't worry if they're true or not, preserve them andrepparttar 141275 people associated with them. - If you have family reunions, create an album of them to hand down to later generations.

    Don't be overwhelmed... think themes!

    Discover the past, capture the present, preserve for the future with help from Your Family Legacy.

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