Scrapbooking Tips And Tricks For Photos And Images

Written by Nigel Patterson

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This fun trick allows items to be viewed and then hidden once again. It's a great technique for educational scrapbooks where text outsiderepparttar window asks a question andrepparttar 143091 answer is held insiderepparttar 143092 window.

To make a pop up window, divide a piece of paper into three sections. This paper can either match, complement, or contrast with your background color. Next, pasterepparttar 143093 middle section of your pop up window to your background. Place your object or photograph on top of this middle section. Then, simply closerepparttar 143094 window.

A nice bow or other embellishment can also be added ontorepparttar 143095 outside of these windows to add an elegant touch.

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The History of Clay Poker Chips

Written by Dani Martin

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casinos usingrepparttar newest chips with house designs, logos or both molded intorepparttar 142849 rim and top of chip. Todayrepparttar 142850 style and materials utilized inrepparttar 142851 manufacture of gaming chips are unique torepparttar 142852 particular casino. Some have metal “coin” centers with structural plastic outer rims. Cloth fiber reinforced polymer molded chips and a just introduced all metal alloy poker chip that is anodized in different brilliant colors.

Clay composite chips can be quite expensive and difficult to find due to their popularity. These chips usually are in weight ranges between 8 grams and 11.5 grams and are casino standard 39 mm diameter. is dedicated to providing up to date information about poker chips, poker chip accessories and places where poker products can be securely purchased. presents an accessible interface where users can determine what poker chips and related products are best for them.

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