Scrapbook Photographs -- How A Picture Can Be Worth A Thousand Words

Written by Nigel Patterson

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Always bear in mind that scrapbooking is permanent. For this reason, it is probably better to use copies of your only picture of Great Aunt Betsy rather than risk ruiningrepparttar original photograph forever. So just scanrepparttar 140926 picture on your computer scanner and printrepparttar 140927 image on lignin free and acid free paper.

Everybody loves looking at photos of family, friends and special places. That’s why they have such a special place in any scrapbook. It can be a lot of fun to use photos in imaginative layouts and for abstract effects -- don’t feel confined just to mounting your photos as you would in a traditional photo album.

You can find inspiration for new scrapbooking ideas from magazines and visits to art museums. Just keep your eyes open and let your imagination run free!

Nigel Patterson is a writer on arts and crafts and the publisher of Create Your Own Scrapbooks.

Visit his website for new and imaginative scrapbooking tips and ideas -- so you can maintain your most treasured mementos and present them artistically for you, your family and your friends to enjoy.

How to run a quilters row by row or a round robin

Written by Michelle Steel

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After all,repparttar owner will have to live withrepparttar 140888 finished quilt. Sometimes it ’s a good idea to include some ‘theme’ fabric for allrepparttar 140889 friends to use to provide some continuity inrepparttar 140890 quilt. Sometimes, all ofrepparttar 140891 fabric is included so that there is complete control overrepparttar 140892 finished colour scheme. However, you may like a more serendipitous approach and leaverepparttar 140893 colours to your friend’s good taste. In these quilts, you may decide to makerepparttar 140894 same row, or border for every ones quilt so that you end up with six quilts that are all alike, except forrepparttar 140895 colours. You may like to leaverepparttar 140896 design concepts to each individual so that you get six completely different quilts atrepparttar 140897 end. Other concepts to consider include how many borders to add in one go. Maybe for a lopsided or arty effect 4 borders in a round robin can be optional. There are other ways to make a group quilt like this. You can start with an appliqué rather than a block, and simply continue to add torepparttar 140898 appliqué. This method works well with a theme, such as underwater scene, tree of memories, rainforest etc. You can alternate methods for each border. Border 1 needs to have piecing. Border 2 needs to have stars and hearts. Border 3 should contain green. Again, variations are endless. Another way to work on a quilt top is to make a certain amount of surface area in various sized blocks. Each person makes a certain amount of blocks and hands them ontorepparttar 140899 owner. That way,repparttar 140900 finished quilt can be put together byrepparttar 140901 owner and a Scrappier look is acquired.

Remember to setrepparttar 140902 rules, make sure everyone agrees and understands and them have FUN!

Michelle Steel produces instructional Cd-roms and DVDs for Patchwork Interactive.

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