Scrabble Tips: That scary Q.

Written by Marty Rubenski

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QANAT: a gently sloping underground tunnel for irrigation purposes, esp. in ancient Persia.

QWERTY: Yes, it’s a word. Relating to, or designatingrepparttar traditional configuration of typewriter or computer keyboard keys.


QIBLA: The direction ofrepparttar 142055 Kaaba toward which Muslims turn for prayers.

QIS: Variant of chi, The 22nd letter ofrepparttar 142056 Greek alphabet.

QI: Variation on Chi,repparttar 142057 vital force believed in Taoism to be in all things.

TALAQ: An Islamic form of divorce.

YAQONA: A Fijian drink.

TRANQ - An accepted abreviation of tranquiliser

SCRABBLE® is a registered trademark. All intellectual property rights in and torepparttar 142058 game are owned inrepparttar 142059 U.S.A and Canada by Hasbro Inc., and throughoutrepparttar 142060 rest ofrepparttar 142061 world by J.W. Spear & Sons Ltd.

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The Psychology Of Success

Written by Kevin Quigley

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Read this note book every day. Add more to it if you think of something else you would like to do. Your book will motivate you through desire. It will remind you ofrepparttar reward waiting for you - and it will inspire you to succeed.

So now go back over your dream ofrepparttar 141965 future. You are now going to focus onrepparttar 141966 things you desire. You no longer want a Luxury car - you want a Rolls Royce. It isn't A house it's THE house. The one on Accacia avenue that you pass every day on your way to work. You must now start to focus on your 'goals'.

Observing The Reality

The next stage of action is to observerepparttar 141967 reality. If there IS a house you would like, then visit it often. By this I don't mean you should stand under an adjacent street-lamp and leer ghoulishly at it untilrepparttar 141968 cops arrive! You need only walk past it. Plan what changes you will make to it when it is yours, mentally re-arrangerepparttar 141969 garden and picture how you will change it to suit you.

If you know which sort of car you would buy, look at a model in a showroom. Find out about it. Getrepparttar 141970 specifics. Find out how much it costs, what extras are available, and other relevant details. Remember, you are converting your dream into hard facts. You are creating a specific destination. By doing this, you will be taking a positive step toward achieving your dream. Whereas before you were a thinker, now you are a doer. Positive action is characteristic of a successful entrepreneur.

Look To The Future

An important aspect of of visualizing your dream isrepparttar 141971 ability to look torepparttar 141972 future. In doing this you are applyingrepparttar 141973 same technique as millions of other successful people. You must see your life as it will be when your dream comes to fruition. You are preparing yourself for your own success.

Many ofrepparttar 141974 people who buy books on starting a business actually don't bother starting up. They can't imagine themselves ever running their own business and earning Un*limited amounts of money. They never see things how they can be - only how they are. Don't make this mistake. KNOW what you want, KNOW how to get it, SEE how it WILL be, and then go for it!!


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