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Written by Paddy Swan

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Health and Safety compliance need not be a major burden. It simply needs to be put in place because accidents do happen and if they do they should be approached using a safety approach to learn from them and as opportunities to review Risk Assessment and reappraise control measures. Accidents can be to pupils, staff or visitors/contractors and can result in litigation and/or prosecution. Accidents to children which have ended in litigation against schools have often been unsuccessful ifrepparttar accident has been shown to be a result of play. The view taken by courts seems to be that play is necessary for a child’s development and sometimes this can result in accidents butrepparttar 109284 school need not take undue or unreasonably costly action to avoid all accidents at all costs. Even for accidents caused during horseplayrepparttar 109285 courts have indicated that negligence or extreme recklessness needs to be demonstrably proven.

Reasonable safety isrepparttar 109286 concept which isrepparttar 109287 benchmark to judge response to safety matters against and providedrepparttar 109288 school has reasonable systems in place which indicate that it is managing safety and using good practice it should be secure. Prosecution and enforcing UK Safety Law

HSE isrepparttar 109289 body which inspects and enforcesrepparttar 109290 Safety law and approximately 25% of all prosecutions for breaches which it made over were attributed to breaches of management duties underrepparttar 109291 Management of Health and Safety at Work Regulations. Having said that action by HSE involving enforcement action against schools is rare and prosecution rarer still. There are approximately 80 breaches per year in Primary Schools. Accidents are not so rare unfortunately and approximately 11,000 accidents were reported in Education under RIDDORS (3 day accidents) in 1999/2000 of which about one third were due to slips and trips.

Finally Provided a school follows good practice andrepparttar 109292 rules no one is likely to be at risk from enforcement or legal action. The Governing Body and individual Governors need to supportrepparttar 109293 Headteacher in carrying out their duty underrepparttar 109294 law and co-operate with any Employer. They can do this by ensuring that safety is managed inrepparttar 109295 school under a Safety Management System. This ensures thatrepparttar 109296 school is in compliance withrepparttar 109297 regulations. Any Governing Body, whether employer or not needs to be seen to be playing its’ full part in any school Safety Management System by oversight and target setting, monitoring, auditing and reviewing, and ensuring that resources are available to helprepparttar 109298 head manage school H&S. By doing this and playing its’ full partrepparttar 109299 Governing Body should find that school overall safety will be improved and accident levels drop.

Background Reading and further information

HSE has a wide range of appropriate FREE and other documents which give guidance and advice available from

•HSE Five Steps to Risk Assessment -

•HSE A Guide to Risk Assessment Requirements -

•Need Help on Health and Safety -Comprehensive guide to sources of help INDG 322

•Information and Help on Work Related Stress from HSE available on

•Managing Health and Safety Successfully - Five Steps to Success INDG 275

•Violence at Work INDG 69(rev)

•Slips and Trips inrepparttar 109300 Education Sector - Education Information Sheet Number 2 - EDIS2

•Consulting Employees on Health and Safety - A Guide torepparttar 109301 Law - INDG 232 and isrepparttar 109302 HSC statement, case studies and also lays out their policy for more worker participation.

•Reduce Risks Cut Costs -The real cost of accidents and ill health at work - INDG 355

•RIDDOR Information Sheet - RIDDOR Reporting Whatrepparttar 109303 Incident Contact Centre Can Do For You - MISC310(rev1)

•Workplace Health and Safety a Guide - INDG 244

•Health and Safety Training - What You Need to Know - INDG 345

•Use of Contractors - A Joint Responsibility - INDG 368

•Working Together - Guidance for working with Contractors and Suppliers - INDG 268(rev)

•Reporting School Accidents - Guidance for schools on RIDDORS

•The HSC's guidance documents, "Managing Health and Safety in Schools" (ISBN 0717607704) and "Health and Safety Guidance for School Governors" (ISBN 0717612988) can be obtained for £5.95 each from HSE Books on 01787 881165 or

Dr. Paddy Swan is a qualified teacher with senior management experience in UK schools and colleges. He also has almost 25 years safety experience in industry. He has developed over 100 online and multimedia safe systems training solutions. Paddy is the author of School Basic Safety for Classroom and Support staff for UK schools and the Headteacher's Safety Management Toolkit at

Awsome Alliteration

Written by Dorie Thurston

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of an adverb that begins withrepparttar letter sound "k." (Carefully, carelessly, cautiously) Where did he do it or what did he catch? Continue until a nice sentence is written onrepparttar 109283 board. Pick another subject, such as "dog," and write another sentence together. Then have them write sentences on their own and share them withrepparttar 109284 class. Make sure that you explain that certain letter combinations do not makerepparttar 109285 same sound such asrepparttar 109286 "ch" sound instead of "k" sound orrepparttar 109287 "th" sound instead ofrepparttar 109288 "t" sound. When children are comfortable with alliterating, tell them that they are going to write an alphabet book forrepparttar 109289 kindergarteners. Give each student a letter ofrepparttar 109290 alphabet and tell them to pick an animal that begins with that letter. They will then write an alliterated sentence using that letter and draw a picture to illustrate their sentence. Each student can then read their sentence torepparttar 109291 kindergarteners in alphabetical order like an alphabet book. Thank You forrepparttar 109292 Thistle by Dorie Thurston can be found at

Graduated from University of Richmond with a Bachelor of Arts degree and received Intermediate Honors in Sophmore year. Wrote a children's book which is highly recommended for elementary school teachers.

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