School Bullying: Hit 'Em Where It Hurts!

Written by Paula McCoach

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Bully Stopping Blog: Time to Vent and Find Solutions! By Paula McCoach

Sick of bullies by this time ofrepparttar school year?

Do you need to vent?

Let us hear your feelings at

But as for all of are what we are most interested in reading.

What have you done that has worked to stop or even deter bullying in your school?

Hopefully, byrepparttar 143385 end ofrepparttar 143386 summer, we will have discovered a wealth of bully zapping techniques to makerepparttar 143387 learning environment more comfortable and safe for all students in our schools.

Paula McCoach invites you to discover more steps to do "Stop Bullying" by joining Bullying Zapper News at or send an email to

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Paula McCoach invites you to discover more steps to do "Stop Bullying" by joining Bullying Zapper News at or send an email to

Guitar Playing - Technique vs. Feeling - What's important?

Written by Edward D Cupler

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and playingrepparttar guitar. Practicing is; long hours, getting your fingers to work like precision machines that play each note perfectly without fail. Studying chords and scale theory with no more feeling than someone doing calculus. The goal is great playing. Just like a good quarterback needs to spend hours studying plays and practicing accurate passing so things come naturally duringrepparttar 143384 big game, a guitarist must spend hours developing good technique so things can come naturally duringrepparttar 143385 big gig.

When practicing technique,repparttar 143386 most obvious thing that comes to mind is speed. How fast can you blaze through your scales? Although this is a part of good technique, it is notrepparttar 143387 only thing you should work on. Accurate string bending is also very important. You must train yourself to bend notes to pitch. Many amateur guitarists bend strings without accuracy, which makes their bends sound weak. Another thing that you should work on isrepparttar 143388 relationship between chords and scales. Without understanding which chords belong to which scales, your playing can get lost very quickly. You should understand how to form your chords anywhere onrepparttar 143389 fretboard fromrepparttar 143390 scale you're using. Check outrepparttar 143391 Guitar Scales and Chord Triads lesson at Guitar Metal for a visual reference. Don't just memorize chord shapes. Show a man a chord, he plays one song, but teach a man how to make chords from scales and he can write his own songs. When practicing for speed and accuracy, know what your goal is. If you want to haverepparttar 143392 ability to play at hyper speed, you'll need to focus more on scales and alternate picking techniques. Practicing them at slow speeds to findrepparttar 143393 best technique and to eliminate anything that might be slowing you down. I also recommend usingrepparttar 143394 following video lessons "Speed Kills" and Speed Lives", both from Michael Angelo Batio. These videos are great for helping you to understand techniques for playing fast. However if your goal is to play a more bluesy rock style such as Angus Young, you will want to focus more on blues phrasing and bending. You still may need to slow things down to eliminate bad playing habits, butrepparttar 143395 goal here would be crisp clean playing not necessarily speed, although some speed is important.

Edward D Cupler is the owner of guitar lessons website Offering free guitar lessons to beginners and advanced students. Ed is also the owner of

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