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Written by Dene McGriff

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It costs Christians 700 times more money to baptize converts in rich countries (eg. Switzerland) than in poor countries (e.g. Nepal).

Percent of Christian resources in countries that are already more than 60% Christian - 99.9%. Percent spent in countries where less than halfrepparttar people have EVER heard of Jesus - 0.01%.

It is estimated that Christians worldwide spend around $8 BILLION dollars PER YEAR going torepparttar 146370 more than 500 conferences to TALK about missions. That's more than TWICErepparttar 146371 total spent DOING missions.

Everywhere on Earth can now easily be targeted with at least 3 ofrepparttar 146372 45 varieties of effective evangelism.

818 unevangelized ethno-linguistic peoples have never been targeted by any Christian agencies ever.

Out of 648 million Great Commission Christians, 70% have never been told aboutrepparttar 146373 world's 1.6 billion unevangelized individuals.

The 3 least cost-effective countries over 1 million in population for Christian outreach are: Japan, Switzerland, Denmark.

The 3 most cost-effective countries over 1 million in population for Christian outreach are: Mozambique, Ethiopia, Tanzania.

Denominations ofrepparttar 146374 Church:

Currently there are over 33,000 Christian denominations inrepparttar 146375 United States.

A huge new Christian non-confessional mega bloc,repparttar 146376 Independents or Post-denominationalists,is growing rapidly and numbers 19% of all Christians. These 386 million Independents in 220 countries have no interest in and no use for historic denominationalist Christianity.

From less than one million in AD 1900, Pentecostals/ Charismatics/Neocharismatics have mushroomed to 524 million affiliated (-with unaffiliated believers, 602 million).

Growth ofrepparttar 146377 Church:

The country withrepparttar 146378 fastest Christian expansion ever is China, now at 10,000 new converts every day.

Persecution ofrepparttar 146379 Church:

More than 70% of all Christians now live in countries where they are experiencing persecution. In some cases EXTREME persecution.

Global Population Issues:

124 million new souls begin life on Earth each year, but Christianity’s 4,000 foreign mission agencies baptize only 4 million new persons a year.

Unreached Peoples

Out of 648 million Great Commission Christians, 70% have never been told about world’s 1.6 billion unevangelized individuals.

Despite Christ’s command to evangelizerepparttar 146380 world, 67% of all humans from AD 30 torepparttar 146381 present have never even heard of his name.


Overrepparttar 146382 last 20 centuries, and in all 238 countries, more than 70 million Christians have been martyred - killed, executed, murdered - for Christ.

More Christians have been martyred inrepparttar 146383 last 100 years than all other years since AD 30 combined.

Had Enough Yet? It gets worse. We're stuffingrepparttar 146384 Fattest and starvingrepparttar 146385 Hungriest!

This is meant to be just a plain, direct reporting of how miserably, horribly, devastatingly badly we -repparttar 146386 Christians inrepparttar 146387 West - have mismanagedrepparttar 146388 massive gifts which God has entrusted to us.

-Doug Perry. [Visit his website- ]

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The “Body Life”

Written by Dene McGriff

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· Unless we can get torepparttar point where we can be honest about where we are spiritually...

· Unless we can get torepparttar 146369 point where we can really touchrepparttar 146370 Lord regularly in prayer and inrepparttar 146371 Word...

· Unless we get torepparttar 146372 point where each and everyone of us can have fresh daily experiences withrepparttar 146373 Lord, fresh revelation of our own, rather than someone else's,

our meetings are bound to be pitiful because they reflect our poor walk withrepparttar 146374 Lord.

This is foreign torepparttar 146375 average Christian, because we are used to being passively entertained. Justrepparttar 146376 thought of having to share with others is scary to some. I know through years of experience what works and what doesn't. The only way a person will move from knowledge to reality is throughrepparttar 146377 constant loving support of a group of brothers and sisters he/she trusts and knows are there to help rather than condemn. This kind of dynamic can only be achieved in body life meetings. Saints need an opportunity to participate meaningfully in each meeting. It’srepparttar 146378 little things -repparttar 146379 things you are thankful for, how muchrepparttar 146380 Lord means to you, how He pulled off a little miracle at work, how He let you share Him with someone. Once allrepparttar 146381 members ofrepparttar 146382 body get released, people finally getrepparttar 146383 idea.

There is no such thing as a bad meeting or blaming someone else. The meeting depends on me. Ifrepparttar 146384 meeting is dead, it's because I had no life to bring to it. What did I contribute? If someone was obviously down and out, how did I help? What can I say? How can I pray for them this week? The best part about an open fellowship is there is no one to blame but me. That's why they work - and don't work.

In a very real sense, there is no "right" or "wrong" way to meet. God doesn't care about methods. He gives us very little instruction on what to do and how to do it. The question is, isrepparttar 146385 meeting underrepparttar 146386 guidance ofrepparttar 146387 Holy Spirit? Are there mature leaders who can senserepparttar 146388 flow ofrepparttar 146389 Spirit and move with it? Now I am not talking inrepparttar 146390 sense of something "extra-Biblical", voices, miracles, signs and wonders. I am talking aboutrepparttar 146391 ability of a small group of people to letrepparttar 146392 Spirit of God lead them in prayer, worship, song and testimonies. One will find that there is often an unspoken or unrecognized theme thatrepparttar 146393 Spirit will lead in a meeting and that everything will relate to it - without planning and without an agenda. For example,repparttar 146394 Lord may impress us this week with his mercy sorepparttar 146395 songs, testimonies, scripture and prayer will all relate to that theme.

Think ofrepparttar 146396 Holy Spirit asrepparttar 146397 conductor of an orchestra and each one of us is an instrument that He plays. He has worked in our lives duringrepparttar 146398 week, ministered to us through His word and through experience, and now we bring that torepparttar 146399 meeting and offer it up torepparttar 146400 Lord as a "sweet smelling sacrifice untorepparttar 146401 Lord." The meeting reflectsrepparttar 146402 fresh moving and working ofrepparttar 146403 Lord in each of our lives.

The Place of Leadership

Leadership is there to senserepparttar 146404 moving ofrepparttar 146405 Lord - not to carry out their planned order of business, not to follow an outline or course of study, or even verses that were pickedrepparttar 146406 previous week. Leadership should be there to senserepparttar 146407 move ofrepparttar 146408 Lord "real time" as they say in computer jargon. Our relationship withrepparttar 146409 Lord should be living and powerful, not programmed and planned.

If there is one main reason a small meeting won't work, it is

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