Scams and Frauds: 809 Area Code

Written by Richard Lowe

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Here's how this works. The 809 area code is similar in concept to 900 numbers. You get charged either per call or byrepparttar minute. The problem is thatrepparttar 127574 809 area code is in a foreign country (the Dominican Republic inrepparttar 127575 Caribbean) and thus is not covered by United States law.

Inrepparttar 127576 United States, all 900 numbers must state in their advertisements and atrepparttar 127577 start ofrepparttar 127578 callrepparttar 127579 cost ofrepparttar 127580 call. You also have a small period of time (usuallyrepparttar 127581 first minute) to hang up without being charged.

The 809 area code has no such restrictions. And since you maderepparttar 127582 call voluntarily, it's very difficult to getrepparttar 127583 phone company to reverserepparttar 127584 charges. In fact, in many cases you will find yourself arguing with a foreign phone company which argues that you did makerepparttar 127585 call and they did nothing wrong and thus you need to pay.

The way to fight this scam is to simply refuse to call any unknown phone numbers inrepparttar 127586 809 area code. Inrepparttar 127587 company that I work in my day job, we have completely blocked ALL calls torepparttar 127588 809 area code. We had to do this after getting nailed for many thousands of dollars of fraudulent calls.

It is also important to understand that 900 number blocking does not apply torepparttar 127589 809 area code. You have to depend upon your own knowledge ofrepparttar 127590 scam and simply resistrepparttar 127591 temptation to callrepparttar 127592 number.

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Written by Shah N. Khan

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Integrity ofrepparttar salesman and his willingness to provide after sales service and to work out a solution best suited to his client and his interests are amongrepparttar 127573 common denominators of highly successful sales and marketing executives and other personnel.

Planning and setting goals & targets are stepping stones forrepparttar 127574 sales work 'In sales your goals must be out of reach but not of out of sight.' Ben Feldmanrepparttar 127575 greatest life insurance salesman who made millions just by selling life insurance stated this. He pursuedrepparttar 127576 goals that were not achievable without extra ordinary efforts. But he never setrepparttar 127577 goals that were foolishly high. He kept on reviewing his progress and goals. He believed that that you goals must not only for your business, but also for family as well as social and cultural life.

It is said that in sales your Altitude depends on your Attitude. This is quite correct. Somebody coined a phrase "KASH FORMULA for success in selling a

nd defined it as follows:

1. K for knowledge ofrepparttar 127578 product and familiarity withrepparttar 127579 basic principles of selling and marketing techniques. 2. A for attitude. Perseverance and positive approach. 3. S for skills. Mastering presentation techniques, polishing up sales talk and using psychological appeal. 4. H for habits. Punctuality and prospecting, obtaining leads and references

Here’srepparttar 127580 rule for bargains: "Do other men, for they would do you." That’srepparttar 127581 true business precept. _Charles Dickens (1812–70), English novelist.

Shah N. Khan has over 20 years experience in marketing and supervising life insurance sales force besides underwriting and advertising. He is now editing a weekly ezine Fraternity Briefs Online http://www.yahoogroups/group/fraternity2 He also works as Internet Marketing Consultants and helps his two sons in their web designing business.

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