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Written by Rick. Young

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Business cards I know most already do this, but sometimes it slips our minds to hand a card torepparttar convenient store clerk orrepparttar 141106 person behindrepparttar 141107 counter atrepparttar 141108 dry cleaners. Also put them onrepparttar 141109 bulletin board inrepparttar 141110 break rooms of manufacturing companies. You can also place them on counters (after asking) in stores or businesses that may be pertinent to your business (for example if you sell home decor or furniture, place them onrepparttar 141111 counter of an insurance company or a real estate agency). But don’t expect a clothing store to put them on their counter if you sell jeans and shirts, that would be like askingrepparttar 141112 Coca Cola company to put a Pepsi machine in their foyer (sacrilege!).

T-shirts Have a t-shirt printed up that has a small ad and web address for your business onrepparttar 141113 back of it, because it will be seen better than onrepparttar 141114 front. People are always looking at others as they walk away or if they’re standing in line behind you at a checkout counter or atrepparttar 141115 bank. You could even have some printed up for friends and family. But make it a cool color that will go with a good pair of jeans or shorts so people won’t hate to put it on.

Pens I have heard (and seen) that lots of businesses have their name printed on pens. Personally, I’m not real crazy about this, because I myself hardly ever actually readrepparttar 141116 pen I’m writing with. But that doesn’t mean nobody does. So I leave this one up to you.

Bumper stickers Have a bumper sticker with a smart quip or saying printed up and pass them around to your friends. The car behind you or them atrepparttar 141117 stoplight will no doubt read it. (Examples: STOP HONKING AND START SHOPPING AT - or - IF YOU DON’T LIKE THE WAY I DRIVE, THEN GO SHOPPING!

If you think about it long enough, you can come up with all sorts of other ideas like this. Just make sure that if it involves other businesses or their property, always ask! Becauserepparttar 141118 last thing you want is to be professionally embarrassed or humiliated! Good luck!

R.L. Young is the owner of National Wholesalers, a wholesale website to businesses and the public and to help those who would like to have their own home business. Mr. Young began web marketing in the fall of 2002 with many experimentations and much research in web marketing, advertising and sales; including studies with affiliate web sites, and always learning more Visit his site at

Why your ads aren’t working

Written by Claire Cunningham

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5) Attention Does your ad have stopping power? Willrepparttar intended audience takerepparttar 140915 time to look? This usually requiresrepparttar 140916 synergy of an arresting visual and a powerful headline.

6) Objectives Are you asking advertising to do what it’s good at? Generating inquiries and creating awareness are reasonable ad objectives. But don’t expect advertising to SELL a product. Good ads set up opportunities to sell. Your sales channel will need to closerepparttar 140917 deal.

7) Measuring results Do you really know what your advertising is achieving? Are you collecting and reviewing results that relate to your objectives? For instance, if you expect your advertising program to generate inquiries, measurement that looks at inquiry quantity and quality should be built into your program.

Sound intimidating? Communication is important to any business but it’s complicated. Fortunately there are experienced consultants and agencies who can help you.

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