Say Thank you to the Cow for the Steak on your Plate

Written by Robina Hearle

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Take a look atrepparttar vegetables inrepparttar 122150 supermarket. Donít they look wonderful? Have you ever wondered why it is thatrepparttar 122151 World Health Organisation keeps increasing our daily recommended input of fruit and vegetables? Well, it is because those beautiful vegetables have hardly any vitamins, minerals or life force energy. This means we have to eat more to get what we require in order to survive. We have lost our connection to and understanding ofrepparttar 122152 earth so much so that our farming methods just plunderrepparttar 122153 soil. Feedrepparttar 122154 soil, nurture it and rest it and you will get good crops with high vitamin and mineral content as well as life force energy. Say Thank-you!

Even better, connect withrepparttar 122155 earth yourself; grow some of your own vegetables (try containers if space is limited). Come back torepparttar 122156 being who is part of planet earth, part ofrepparttar 122157 tapestry of life integral torepparttar 122158 planet instead of trying to be separated. There is actually nothing lacking on this planet, it isrepparttar 122159 management and distribution systems that have gone awry, together with our own lack of connection.

There is abundance for all! We can create it in our lives by living an attitude of gratitude and beginningrepparttar 122160 realisation that we are not separate from anyone or anything.

Robina Hearle

Robina Hearle is a Flower Essence Therapist and Maker, Reiki Master and Chartered Physiotherapist. You can find her unique flower essences at

Tarot Decks Come in Three Flavors

Written by Joey Robichaux

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Because of this,repparttar artwork is much more complex and symbolic. The Major Arcana andrepparttar 122149 face cards are much more colorful, lifelike, and detailed. It'srepparttar 122150 Minor Arcana, though, where you'll findrepparttar 122151 main difference.

Rather than use simple counts,repparttar 122152 artist (Pamela Coleman Smith -- who also illustrates childrens adventure stories) decided to draw vignettes of people engaged in some phase of everyday life. Because of this,repparttar 122153 pip cards are highly enriched and yield many thoughtful perspectives -- what arerepparttar 122154 people thinking, what are their motivations, what are their fears, etc -- to enrich Tarot readings.

The final deck style isrepparttar 122155 Thoth style -- named after a deck designed by Aleister Crowley and painted by Lady Freida Harris. The Thoth deck was intended for magickal use fromrepparttar 122156 very beginning. The paintings are surrealistic and highly symbolic. Thoth adds a new technique torepparttar 122157 mix, though. Each non-face card ofrepparttar 122158 Minor Arcana has a subheading describing some motivation or aspect -- things like Happiness, Luxury, Virtue, Oppression, etc. Because of this, some readers find it easy to read with Thoth decks. Thoth decks also make it easy to draw from other esoteric disciplines -- astrology, for example -- in order to create inspired Tarot readings.

Most decks you'll find in a bookstore will follow one of these three basic styles. Marseilles styles will use pip counts, RWS styles will use pip scenes, and Thoth styles tend to be surrealistic but labelrepparttar 122159 Minor Arcana with additional descriptions.

Joey Robichaux rides the weekly consultant road warrior circuit. He uses Tarot to find perspectives on business problems and also maintains dozens of web sites, including one of the oldest sheet music websites on the internet -- Free Sheet Music at -- and also the Woodsong Tarot site at

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