Say Goodbye To Dieting

Written by Cori Sachais Swidorsky

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it off. What maderepparttar difference for me is that I maderepparttar 148856 choice to not treat it as a diet, but a way of life. I learned how to eatrepparttar 148857 foods I enjoy, but in a healthier way. Instead of white bread, I choose to eat wheat or grain bread, instead of white potatoes, I choose to eat yams or sweet potatoes. We donít have to give up our favorite desserts or pasta, but we donít have to eat them four or five days a week either.

If I want ice cream, chocolate or French-fries, then thatís what I allow myself to have, I donít deprive myself of anything I want to eat. What I do though, is go right back to my way of life eating habits.

Why choose a temporary weight loss solution, when you can choose a permanent one? Say goodbye to dieting and choose a way of life.

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The Psychology of Weight Loss Ė Getting to the ROOTS!

Written by Greg Ryan

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If your expectations are too high, you set yourself up for failure and then begin comparing yourself to others. In some cases, ER sets in before you even start. This is hurtful. Setting expectations that are too high is self-defeating before you even start. Step #2: Change your false beliefs about food, exercise and life.

Getting torepparttar ROOT ofrepparttar 148783 matter

To change unwanted behaviors, itís important to acknowledge your thinking toward exercise and eating. A lot of people believe they know what that thinking is, but havenít come to grips with their core beliefs. In other words, they have to get torepparttar 148784 ďroot ofrepparttar 148785 matter.Ē For FREE MINI COURES click here

In order to change your attitude toward exercise and food, you have to understandrepparttar 148786 WHYs ofrepparttar 148787 behavior.

You are going to have to dig deep, findrepparttar 148788 root ofrepparttar 148789 problem, nurture and understand it.

Your BELIEF system

The reason you have certain behaviors is based onrepparttar 148790 core beliefs of your value system. It is here--inside--where things need to be addressed. Beliefs form barriers that stop you from starting or following through on a regular exercise and eating program. In order to change attitudes toward exercise you have to check underrepparttar 148791 surface.

It takes time, effort, and energy, and in some cases, outside professional assistance to get torepparttar 148792 TRUTH ofrepparttar 148793 matterÖto see what is below, admit it is there and bring it up torepparttar 148794 surface. If you have a hard time following through on an eating plan, chances are barriers have formed, and stop you from smooth sailing.

Dorepparttar 148795 math! Numbers do not lie. You either acceptrepparttar 148796 road less traveled or you facerepparttar 148797 consequences. Itís just that simple. This may resemble a scare tactic, butrepparttar 148798 bottom line is this isrepparttar 148799 reality. If you think for one second you are exempt, above reproach, or just relying on luck or faith, think again. Your best defense is a good offense.

Get over your hang ups. Get through your false beliefís and GET MOVING!

Greg Ryan is a best selling author, former employee of Kathy Smith, and high profile fitness expert. LOSE WEIGHT IMMEDIATELY! Discover the common sense way to lose weight with out dieting that the doctorís DONíT want you to know. FREE MINI COURSE click here

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