Saving for your child’s financial future – UK parents inactivity harming their children’s university and mortgage savings

Written by Richard Green

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"For those who choose to go to university it is a particularly hollow gesture asrepparttar government will give them a few hundred pounds in cash and atrepparttar 149017 same time a mortgage-style bill in tuition fees," stated Phil Willis,repparttar 149018 Liberal Democrat education spokesman. Whatever your opinion ofrepparttar 149019 scheme itself, it seems that evenrepparttar 149020 majority of those whose children will benefit fromrepparttar 149021 fund are either not interested or feel they do not have enough knowledge to choose a provider. Whilerepparttar 149022 government can produce expensive adverts to raise pubic awareness and companies can provide information onrepparttar 149023 accounts that are available,repparttar 149024 public’s fear and apathy regarding all things related to personal finance may prove a more difficult hurdle to overcome, and this may be a problem that not only affect us, but will also lead to many of our children payingrepparttar 149025 penalty in later life.

Further information Shariah compliant CTF ( Child investment account comparisons ( Trust fund information (

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How Does Interest Rates Affect New Home Sales and Where's The Best Place To Build?

Written by Colm Dillon

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What does affectrepparttar new home industry is lower wages and our jobs going to foreign countries. If people can't afford a home, then they don't buy and that directly effectsrepparttar 148993 housing industry.

Question 3.

What progressive processes are being implemented for more environmentally friendly and better insulated new homes? All concrete framing? (no wood) Other unique materials and approaches?

Master Builder & Developer's Reply:

As a Master Builder, we userepparttar 148994 current technology in building material. Concrete is outdated and has many environment problems. Our new homes arerepparttar 148995 most environmentally friendly homes that you'll ever have built.

No wood is used except for molding and cabinets.

Butrepparttar 148996 problem is convincingrepparttar 148997 buyer. We have access to material that replaces wood products, that are made up of recycled material that is vastly superior and looks more real than wood.

We have access to luxurious carpet that is made from recycled plastic soda bottles. We have access to recycled paint that has no out gassing. Recycled roofs that have a 20 year warranty. Our homes have an R-70+ rating. Meaning less energy required for heating and cooling.

There arerepparttar 148998 'traditionalists' and there arerepparttar 148999 'innovative clients' - all we can do is educate and thenrepparttar 149000 clients will benefit and so willrepparttar 149001 environment.

Question 4.

What changes are being implemented to improve customer service to new home buyers? (My daughter is buying a Hovnanian home for a fraction of my last home purchase, yet she is getting a weekly status call from her new home sales representative!)

Master Builder & Developer's Reply:

This depends upon your builder. In our case we provide our buyers, investors and developers with daily video updates. They log into their account on our site andrepparttar 149002 site supervisor walks them through what was completed for that day and what is scheduled forrepparttar 149003 next day.

Our clients have video documentation on their property. We also provide service afterrepparttar 149004 sale. If three years afterrepparttar 149005 purchase,repparttar 149006 neighbor throws a ball throughrepparttar 149007 window or repparttar 149008 cat destroysrepparttar 149009 carpet -- allrepparttar 149010 buyer has to do is log on to their account.

They tell us what needs to be replaced or repaired and in what room and we can do it almost immediately, because everything is in our database aboutrepparttar 149011 home.

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