Saving The World One Garage Sale At A Time

Written by TJ Smith

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no celebrity endorsements. They are not affiliated with any organization, charity or political group. One person, one garage sale can make a difference. This is grass roots at its best. Garage Sales for Charity would like to keep track of donations and charities so they can post it on their website. They plan on keeping a running total of funds donated. The potential is huge! A mere 100 people participating every week in every state would raise $1,000,000 a month for charities acrossrepparttar country. This is money they would have otherwise never seen, duringrepparttar 137717 months they may need itrepparttar 137718 most. Charities can hop on board by including web address in all their fund raising materials, givingrepparttar 137719 people who they count onrepparttar 137720 most, one more way to raise funds. Right now they really need everyone’s help to getrepparttar 137721 word out about this program. Check out their website for full information. Sell, donate, feel good!

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Traditional Sadness

Written by A.Z. Alfred

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The names ofrepparttar child do not just come fromrepparttar 137636 parent, but grandparents have to give, at least, a name too. For some children who have great grandparents, then they definitely will get ten names, names they may never remember. Some are lucky to get just two names becauserepparttar 137637 grand parents are dead. The funny thing about some names is that they could be a three in one names.

Not that I’m against someone having a hundred names or a seven in one name, but most Nigerians don’t get jaw friendly names like George Bush, Bill Clinton. (Though his real name is William Jefferson Rogers. Maybe it won’t makerepparttar 137638 presidential seat or sell his book titled My Life.) They (most Nigerians) don’t get memorable names that could sell books.

I overheard a Nigerian traditional chief saying, “ What’srepparttar 137639 meaning of Bush? Jungle or forest? And Gate is what? But a name like Oluwafemi means God loves me. Oluwatoyin means God be praised. Our names are names that makes sense.” I agree with him. Whether a name has a meaning or not is notrepparttar 137640 issue, but how could tradition be so cruel to even have to deciderepparttar 137641 kind of wife or husband to marry or where he or she comes from. For better understanding, I will put myself in a Nigerian’s shoes.

If I have come a long way impressing a girl and finally making her fall in love with me and we’ve talked about how happy we would live together. Then I bring her before my parent, according to tradition, so they could meet my kind of wife, all I might end up hearing is, “she isn’t right for you.” Not that they feel she wouldn’t love me in ten years time. No! I can’t marry her because she is from that tribe, which went into a conflict with my tribe inrepparttar 137642 sixteenth century or I can’t marry her because her past two generations were Muslims. Though she has changed her faith, I still can’t marry her because she was born a Muslim.

I knowrepparttar 137643 Holy Book (Bible) says, “Parents know better,” (Paraphrased) but do they have to inflict onrepparttar 137644 present generationrepparttar 137645 harrowing pains of past conflict hidden in their hearts? Do they have to take away what I am sure would give me happinessrepparttar 137646 rest of my days?

You might say “I could marry her against their will.” Yes, I thought of that. But many who have done that end up miserable in life. Don’t know if it’s some kind of supernatural force behindrepparttar 137647 whole traditional stuff.

And, if I eventually let go of that beautiful girl who never turned out to be my wife and I marry someone else, tradition comes in again if she has no male child. She needs to give me a son that would continuerepparttar 137648 family tree. I might be unmoved by this, but tradition would not forgive her as they expect me to take another wife.

If after years of being married and I pass on at a perceived young age, she would need to cut her hair to her hairline inrepparttar 137649 name of mourning my death. Her punishment for not having a male child is she stands to lose her position as my wife and never gets a pin even if I willed everything to her.

Then if from childhood to adulthood, a child is subjected to tradition, when does he learn to be governed by his heart or mind? When can he or she make a decision that would bring lifetime happiness? I’m still trying to figure that as an adult who is underrepparttar 137650 same tradition.

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