Saving Money On Your E-commerce Site

Written by Gary McHugh

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This is very easy to avoid. Before they get transferred to payment sate clearly in your cart "Please remember you will be billed by freds enterprizes not". When they are returned to your site thank them forrepparttar order then remind them again, "Please remember you will be billed by freds enterprizes not"

When you send them an email telling them their order has been dispatched tell them again "Please remember you will be billed by freds enterprizes not" By now they should be gettingrepparttar 143881 message. However, and this alone has reducedrepparttar 143882 number of chargebacks to many of our clients, we recommend that you FOLLOW UP YOUR ORDERS and a couple of weeks afterrepparttar 143883 purchase sendrepparttar 143884 client another email. Thank them for their purchase, tell them you hope they are enjoying your product and once again remind them "Please remember you will be billed by freds enterprizes not"

Repetition isrepparttar 143885 keyrepparttar 143886 more you tell themrepparttar 143887 more chance they have of recognizing your company name on their credit card statement.

HOSTING The money being wasted on inflated e-commerce hosting is incredible. Many of our clients have moved to our service due torepparttar 143888 limited and very expensive packages of many so called e-commerce hosts. Let us be very clear on this, if you have your own store this is what you should have.

1. Your own design. Your store should not look like everyone elses, or be template built. If you used an online store designer to build your site we guarantee there are 100 other stores that look just like yours only with a different name. Hardly good for your online image.

2. You should have your own hosting. Not a sub folder of some larger site or virtual hosting. You should be able to add things like a links directory, message boards, support forums, guestbooks and what ever else you think would enhance your site. You should be able to have features added or removed from your cart so that it operates as you want it to. To find out if you have your own hosting email your host and ask them if you can add any ofrepparttar 143889 above. It never ceases to amaze us how many store owners do not even have access to simple things like MYSQL or ftp.

3. There should be no fees payable by you other than a monthly hosting fee. Incredible as it sounds we have seen sites charge a monthly fee, plus a per item listing fee, a per item maintenance fee, commission on sales and other such ridiculous charges.

Many e-commerce hosts charge inflated prices for what is nothing more than virtual hosting (a sub folder of someone elses site) It never ceases to amaze us that most online stores are paying upwards of $50 a month for a restricted and sub standard service. E-commerce hosting is no different than regular quality web hosting. It requires only mysql and php capabilities. Of course stores can use up more space than an information site for example, however in our opinion you should not be paying more than $30 a month to host your store. For $30 you can get ample web hosting for a fairly large store. If you are paying $50 plus then change your host, this can be done without interruption to your site by a competent host.

A saving of $20 a month either adds to your profit or gives you $240 extra per year to spend advertising your site.

Just like a major corporation as an online business owner you need to look at your bottom line, it affects profit. You need to monitor and improverepparttar 143890 shopping experience of your clients.

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The Full Circle of RSS Marketing Power

Written by Rok Hrastnik

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4] Once you have access to more prospective subscribers, to which you want to deliver content via RSS, you can provide them with your own branded RSS aggregator to makerepparttar switch to RSS easier for them, as well as to establish a constant connection with them, enforce your brand and develop brand experience. Your branded aggregator also serves as a sales platform for your own products and an advertising platform to generate advertising income.

5] As a publisher, your goal is to better satisfyrepparttar 143866 needs of your visitors, establish yourself as a key content source in your industry and make your visitors come back more often. Providing access to additional information is one ofrepparttar 143867 elements to make this possible. Use RSS to syndicate content from other websites and, as an upgrade to target their most focused content needs, create RSS radars for your key phrases.

6] RSS radars will in turn also generate additional visibility, especially through improved search engine rankings, and generate new subscribers for your RSS feeds.

7] All ofrepparttar 143868 above will create advertising venue and create a new source of income.

8] In addition, using RSS advertising as an advertiser yourself you can increaserepparttar 143869 reach of all ofrepparttar 143870 above activities.

The system comes full-circle, establishing RSS asrepparttar 143871 tool that powers an important share of all of your internet marketing and publishing activities.

Rok Hrastnik is the author of »Unleash the Marketing & Publishing Power of RSS«, acclaimed as the best and most comprehensive guide to RSS for marketers by leading RSS experts. The complete guide on RSS for marketers:

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