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Written by Chris De La Rosa

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Two ofrepparttar most time consuming things I do is package orders for shipping, since I have to go throughrepparttar 135962 orders, package them. Address them and completerepparttar 135963 necessary shipping documents (especially if it's an overseas delivery - custom forms). Andrepparttar 135964 second being, burningrepparttar 135965 audio CDs that are part ofrepparttar 135966 training program that we market. Each package contains 3 cds and I do between 5-10 packages at a time. Not only is this time consuming, it slows down my computer considerably. Torepparttar 135967 point where it's almost impossible to do anything else. To save time, I try to burnrepparttar 135968 cds while I package orders to be shipped. This way I get work done while my computer is occupied.

Cds get burnt and my packages are readied for shipping.

Can you think of things you can do atrepparttar 135969 same time that can save you time? I'm sure you can find at least 2 things that you can do together to save you some time.

The game ended with AC Milan winning, but full credit to PSV forrepparttar 135970 determination they showed though they had to play in front of over 65,000 hostile Milan fans, and being under constant Milan pressure inrepparttar 135971 first half. On this day through they lost, throughrepparttar 135972 determination they showed I'm sure they've won over several new fans.

Allrepparttar 135973 best.


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Power Spelling!

Written by Kathleen Jerauld-Brack

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Although regular use of a dictionary will help, and a spell checker will find many,repparttar sound-a-likes are quite elusive. Sound-a-likes are called homophones. They are words that soundrepparttar 135635 same but have different meanings. For example: there - their - they’re; meet - meat; stares - stairs; fare – fair; herd – heard; currant – current; buy – by – bye; rain - rein – reign. Its and it’s are similar errors, but for different reasons.

You can buy a grammar book in paperback for about $5.00. Most of them haverepparttar 135636 common spelling and grammatical error pages right inrepparttar 135637 front. If you familiarize yourself with those, and it reflects in your articles and web pages, then you have just made a huge step in giving yourself a more knowledgeable and competent appearance. For a business person, it can make allrepparttar 135638 difference.

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