Save thousands of dollars by designing you own site

Written by Kulin Shah

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So,repparttar next best thing to do is choose upon a site template, tweak a bit aboutrepparttar 139684 layout, add your own pictures and text, and presto, your site is ready.

The question is where do you getrepparttar 139685 free templates from, there are many sites who offer free professional looking templates, one of them is, in my opinion itsrepparttar 139686 best site for would be web masters.

No knowledge of HTML is necessary, though it would be good to have some. One can always use tools like front page, which comes free with MS office, or any ofrepparttar 139687 free HTML WYSIWYG editors freely available onrepparttar 139688 net.

If you consider yuor site having an average no of pages such as 50 to 100 and considering a page rate of 10$ per page thenrepparttar 139689 end result is a savings of thousands of dollars and if you are not happy withrepparttar 139690 design or if you wish to change it after a period, then you dont have to rely on any designer and you need not pay extra money forrepparttar 139691 same.

This does not mean one should not use designers at all, what I meant was, if you haverepparttar 139692 time and energy you could save on some money.


I almost forgot, you also have readymade flash templates also available which needs a few tweaks and your site is flash ready too.

Happy Designing.

The author is a professional web designer and is in the business since 1997. The author has helped many businesses by designing their sites. You can visit his own site at .

You can freely distribute this article provided you do not modify it and keep the credits where they belong, i.e. keep the credits intact. duh.

Digital Printing vs. the Traditional method in photography

Written by kay zetkin

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Inkjet prints have contributed much to giving an eventual effect inrepparttar uniqueness of images. The printing of inkjets have divided tiny dots intorepparttar 139683 paper making it appear more realistic and attraction. This is just to say that these new printing technology has done their own way and part torepparttar 139684 creativeness and finesse considering their own defined artworks.

The acceptance of inkjet prints has been very unpredictable. In some exhibit and art galleries, they allowrepparttar 139685 inkjet prints for their designs, but some ignore them. Some designers would still preferrepparttar 139686 traditional emulsion prints to be part of their artworks. For those who rely onrepparttar 139687 digital printing, they rather use it for long and not switch back torepparttar 139688 old method. It has been found out that in time, when digital printing will continue its rise inrepparttar 139689 technology, many will be clinging and will switch on to it.

The use of digital printing requires refinement with art skills and a little extra effort as that ofrepparttar 139690 traditional method of printing. Accuracy and preciseness should be followed and maintained. To enhance printing abilities,repparttar 139691 aid of Photoshop learning is very useful. It has been found out thatrepparttar 139692 use of application of digital printing has made enlarging of prints and images easily which traditional printing cannot perform.

Dealing withrepparttar 139693 newest trend inrepparttar 139694 new technology of printing has been very time consuming and produce outputs faster but still these issues cannot be overcome easily. But no matter how these issues arise, it is still up to you to make a pick whether to rely and stay inrepparttar 139695 old darkroom method or advance your way through.

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Kay Zetkin discovered the pleasure of writing through her daily journals as a teen-ager. Writing in it helped sort out her thoughts, relieve her feelings and record what she observes of the world.

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