Save Time And Money By Drop-Shipping, Prepared Lists Really Help

Written by Vinodh Pushparaj

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Givenrepparttar number of companies who competitively price their product for reselling andrepparttar 146112 various drop shipping methods they offer, it get real confusing torepparttar 146113 new comer. The best thing they can do is purchaserepparttar 146114 hot drop shippers or manufacturer directories and ping each or broadcast for quotes. It is easier this way as it will fitrepparttar 146115 quick launching spirit they are in. Typically you get responses from 10-20% ofrepparttar 146116 requests you send. This is more useful thanrepparttar 146117 direct contacts you make.

Here is why you will get better deals when you go through these directory purchases you make:

1. The product manufacturers know you are serious and not just collecting emails.

2. The product manufacturers advertise through these directories and offerrepparttar 146118 directory for premium placement and since this brings a constant stream of sales websites they offer a better deal than what they would through other sources.

3. Typicallyrepparttar 146119 pre-screening is done byrepparttar 146120 directories themselves hence they spend less time spending time to separaterepparttar 146121 wheat fromrepparttar 146122 chaff.

4. Sometimesrepparttar 146123 initial consulting is offered byrepparttar 146124 directories hence they spend less time in finding best match services.

The above are typically translated into higher commissions forrepparttar 146125 seller. There is just one caveat beware ofrepparttar 146126 multiple layer sale. 50% ofrepparttar 146127 folks who claim to drop ship are basically middlemen who add one more layer of cost. Ask your directory supplier to do this chaff removal for you.

Here is one good and affordable directory of American Wholesalers, international sources and closeout sources You can also Google for Dropship directory to find other directories. Author does freelancing for many great websites and is a master freelancer in no fee free freelance website

Need Insurance for Self Employed?

Written by Ratliff J

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