Save Money on Treadmills by Avoiding Marketing Traps

Written by Aaron Co

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A better way to workout in your target heart rate zone is throughrepparttar use of heart rate/pulse handgrips. It is more comfortable to use and is already included in most treadmills, no need to pay extra.

Folding Feature

Although I do admit it does save space at home, but after a long grueling workout, some people may no longer want to fold and moverepparttar 143364 treadmill, only to unfold and move it back againrepparttar 143365 next day. So just save your money and buy a non-folding treadmill.

Running Belt

Treadmill companies would try to impress you with large running spaces and overly thick belts. Truth is...repparttar 143366 largerrepparttar 143367 belt,repparttar 143368 harderrepparttar 143369 motor has to work to keeprepparttar 143370 belt moving. And thick belts tend to hold additional heat which decreasesrepparttar 143371 belt life. So don’t be lured by impressive belt sizes. Just choose a belt that you can comfortably run on and nothing more. The standard 18”x 52” belt is enough for most runners.

Those arerepparttar 143372 ways you can save money on treadmills. Hopefully, you found it enlightening and would use it to avoid some, if not all, of these marketing traps.

Aaron Co is an avid treadmill user for more than 6 years now. He is also the founder of A website that provides unbiased treadmill reviews so shoppers can choose the fitness equipment that suits them best. For more treadmill and treadmill related articles, visit

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How to Maximize Your Fitness Results

Written by Craig LePage, CSCS, NASM-CPT

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The accidental exercises listed above will help you burn a tremendous amount of additional calories throughoutrepparttar course of a day. In this day and age technology is a major burden on our ability to burn additional calories through accidental exercise. If you were to think back when we didn’t have garage door openers, TV remote controls, microwave ovens and leaf blowers, we had do perform all of these activities manually. These accidental exercise activities that were a part of everyone’s daily lives helped us burn hundreds of extra calories each day.

Not only is accidental exercising a great way to help reduce body fat but in many cases it will improve areas such as muscle strength (including heart strength), lung strength, joint mobility, blood flow, injury prevention, brain function and self esteem.

In conclusion we now know that we can make some small changes in our daily routines that can result in some big changes in our health. It is recommended that everyone involve themselves in some type of exercise program coupled with accidental exercise activities. Accidental exercise is most beneficial when performed in addition to a planned weekly exercise program

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Craig is a well-known Fitness Pro in the Charlotte, NC area with over 12 years experience. Craig has written for Charlotte, NC area Newspapers, authored his own fitness & nutrition program and is a frequent guest on a Charlotte area radio show that focus’ on health and wellness. He has co-authoring a golf specific exercise book (Play Better, Longer – Golf) and is working on his third book.

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